With a Little Luck

I’ve been rather successful lately tracking down some “lost” songs, i.e., songs I vaguely remember as a child, etc. One of them was Beeb Birtles & Graham Goble’s I’m Coming Home” from 1980 (I’ve associated some good childhood memories with that song and hearing it again made me feel wonderful.) Here’s the tricky part. There is this one instrumental number I’m looking for. It kinda reminds me of the tone and mood of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin’s “Jet’aime” (sp) sans the moaning. That’s all I remember. Oh, also there’s this one rock number I used to listen to a lot 15 years ago and all the while I thought it was from Better Than Ezra. I’ve checked AMG’s sound clips but now I’m not even sure it’s from BTE. All I remember from the song is it starts with a really cool drum and bass track, then a guitar pops in and out. No chance on any lyrics or the rest of the song. This is tough I know but I need some help. Anyone? Thanks! :slight_smile:

The title of the thread makes me think of the old Wings song.

My ears! :eek: