wolves of the calla

just wonderin’ if ya’ll’ve seen it released early over in the states; I don’t expect to see it over in the PX here anytime soon- when Harry Potter 5 came out, they only preordered 6 copies for the whole month (and yet there was an abundance of softcore porn Lord of the Strings…).

I pre-ordered mine from Amazon so I hope to have it by the weekend,

I’m one of the dumb people that will wait until it comes out in paperback, just because I have the other four in paperback.

MrSnoopy would probably camp out at Borders tonight if he could. He’ll probably buy it tomorrow.

I’m about 160 pages in Wizard and Glass right now, for the first time. I won’t finish by the release of Wolves, but when I do finish, the next weekend I’m going to pick it up. I’m surprised at how capable of coming up with his own fantasy universe King is. I think if he’d decided to pursue fantasy more than his usual haunts (har har) he might’ve might a good living there and perhaps with more respect than he usually gets. But I guess that just wasn’t for him, and he’s nothing if not his own individual.

well, apparently the px did have it on time, but as I predicted, not enough copies. they expect more next tuesday(it’s the evening of the 4th over here in korea right now), which I have off, meaning I’ll be following MrSnoopy’s lead on this one.

whenever ya’ll do get to reading it, tell me what you think.

I’ve been signed up for the Stephen King Library Club for many years, so I automatically get his new books shipped to me…and I pay about $18 for each hardcover book.

Earl, let us know what you think of Wizards and Glass. I was massively dissappointed (I read them all at the same time this past winter). It just didn’t flow well. I’m very excited about Wolves, since it picks up with the actual, you know, story.

Has anyone here gotten the Dark Tower Compendium?

Yes. Useful reference. Sorta dull reading on its own. Nice to have some maps, even if they’re a bit incoherent.

I’ve got this on my amazon.dot.com wish list! I think I’m going to have to put Dark Tower Compendium on there as well.

One of my brothers is also a SK fan, and in anticipation of the release of Wolves of Calla today, he had re-read the first four books of the Dark Tower series so he’d be fresh for the new volume. I’m anxious to hear what he thinks of it; naturally, both of us have read the excerpt offered online quite some time ago.