Women - a question for you all (TMI?)

Preface: I cannot believe I’m asking this in ‘public’, but…well, I’m honestly curious, and could never bring myself to ask people IRL. (I’m Irish/Jewish and have the resultant pale complexion; my head would explode from the amount I’d blush.)

Soo. Um. We all know that some guys are turned on by watching girl-on-girl action. Uh, and two of my friends here at school are dating each other, and they’re both guys. They were nestled in a corner of the courtyard today, having fun in a PG-to-PG-13 manner, and…well, it was hot.

So, am I that much of a social deviant and horrible at being female? Um, anyone?

blushes furiously

I personally don’t get turned on by guy-on-guy action, but then I was raised in the seventies, and just the thought of two guys being publicly affectionate would have made my head explode back then. Times have surely changed.

I’m not a girl but I have plenty of female friends that’re as turned on by two guys as men are by two women.

Do you mean do other women find male/male sexual or romantic activity titillating?

Absolutely. I can’t speak for all women, or most, but I know some find it very erotic, including me. Especially slow dancing or hugging or something that seems to show a deep emotional connection.

Er, unless that wasn’t your question, in which case… sorry!

I’m a straight chick, and have found that guy-on-guy can definitely be hot. Sometimes. :slight_smile:

That was, indeed.

sigh of relief I feel slightly more normal now…

This thread is AWESOME!!

Please, carry on.

Quite a few women get incredibly moist from seeing hot, sweaty man on man action. There was an article in… mumble… [sub]think it was Esquire or Village Voice[/sub] years ago detailing exactly this point, and how she (the author) thought gay man on man action was much hotter than the hetero version. IIRC there was an SDMB thread some time ago on this topic as well.

Yeah, a lot of women get turned on by that. And now that there’s the internet, they’ve all formed huge fandoms. Ever heard of “slash”? It’s an enormous genre of fanfiction devoted exclusively to putting two male characters in romantic situations. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s actually more slash fanfiction on the web than gen.

And the Japanese manga (comic) industry has a genre of ladies comics called “shenen ai” (boys love) which is just basically love stories between guys with varying levels of explicitness (some of them are reallyexplicit) drawn by women artist for women readers.

Anyway, the scene is huge on the internet and internationally. Why does it turn girls on? Who knows? I know lesbian couples who love to watch gay porn so orientation doesn’t seem to have a lot to do with it.

Yes I like it.

When I was on dialup, the best access I had to smut was through my male friends, best of whom is gay. So I got a taste for it. I like straight porn better, but I like gay porn too.

In real life, I am not usually turned on by two guys because in my circles, guys who are making out are usually they are actually gay, and not just putting on some show. It’s hard for me to get turned on by gay guys when I know they are truly gay and not acting. It’s hard for me to get past the fact that they are just like straight guys, only they have no desire to have sex with me or my ilk. It’s okay in porn because those people are professionals.

However, I have had straight guys kiss and fool around because I pressured them to do it for me, and it’s hot. But I think most of that comes from bossing them around. So it is score for naked guys having sex on video for my pleasure, and score for straight or bi guys doing things they don’t want to do because I told them to, and no score for gay sex that is actually gay and not for my benefit in any way.

I think watching two guys kiss is amazingly hot. No worries. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m a little new to this phenomenon, but it’s definitely hot.

Not long ago, I was shocked and horrified at being turned on by other girls.

My horizons seem to expand fairly frequently! :slight_smile:

As tremorviolet says, who the heck do you think writes and reads all that slash?

(I don’t mean ME, I mean other females)

In my time exploring the Internet, I’ve found that material listed as “gay pornography” is much more appealing and enjoyable to me than material listed as “straight women’s pornography.”

Y’know…I’ve read possibly more than a healthy amount of fanfic, yet never once ventured into ‘slash’ territory. I guess I just sort of assumed it was gay guys reading/writing it. Huh. Learn something new every day.

Oh, and MissGypsy: Are you me in disguise? 'cuz…same situation, really.

Hell no.

I think the idea of two chicks at the same time is gross, too.

I should throw in, though, that I have an aversion to all porn. Yes, I have sex, lots of it, and I’m no prude. But watching other people do it just makes me heave.

Boy-on-boy is hot. My favorite kind of porn. Of course, just watching two guys kiss is lovely too.

I’m bi, and don’t get turned on by watching two girls or two guys. Watching just isn’t my thing.

Boy on boy – not so much. Girl on girl, more so.

I’m a very straight chick, and depending on the people, I think guy/guy is hot. I think girl/girl is hot too. I also think guy/girl is hot. I just like watching hot people fool around - it’s all good!