Women: do you have hairy forearms?

I see these hair-removal ads on infomercial TV sometimes, and they kind of puzzle me. I understand (sorta) why women feel the social need to eliminate mustaches or unibrows and leg hair and underarm hair, but I totally do not get the elimination of hair on their forearms. I’ve actually written an entire essay in which I mourn the lack of forearm hair on women in their 40s and 50s, likening the effect (I call it “the marblearm effect” because these women resemble statuary rather than real women to me) to certain other unpleasant emotional positions taken by middle-aged women (who, on balance, I have mostly praise, and very little castigation, for–with the exception of some of their emotional traits and the lack of forearm hair.) So without conducting a poll, how much forearm do you have now, how much compared to your most hirsute (obviously, your age now and your age at your most hirsute would be needed here), have you ever depilitated at all, and have you removed forearm hair? If not, because it’s too much bother or because you like the way it looks? If yes, why on earth? Frankly I’ve never once seen a woman I didn’t think would look more attractive with more hair on her forearms, and regard women who voluntarily remove it as committing a crime against humanity.

Yeesh, should I get some Rogaine for my forearms? :smiley: I can’t help it, even when I was young, I never had much arm hair, or leg hair for that matter. I have no hair on my thighs or the backs of my calves. I have a bit on the front of my calves, but only a few are “normal” darker hairs. On my arms, what little there is, is very fine and pale blond (always has been) so it doesn’t show up much.

Of all of the things that men would think made us more…(what? attractive?), forearm hair never entered my mind.

I don’t have hairy arms. When I let my leg hair grow, it can be pretty copious. But my arm hair is as sparse as it was when I was a kid.

However, there are a few women who cannot say this for themselves. Once when I was interviewing candidates for a lab tech position, a young woman came in who had gorilla arms. I mean, the hair was so thick they could have been cornrowed! I don’t usually notice cosmetic features in people, but it was too much for me to not see. A couple of coworkers saw me talking to her, and the first thing they mentioned were her arms.

I can only guess that the pain of shaving all that hair just wasn’t worth the trouble to her. Five o’clock shadow in your armpits is one thing, but on your arms? I don’t even want to imagine.

You are one interesting dude, pseudotriton ruber ruber.

I have a bunch of forearm hair, and always have. I’m not sure if the amount has changed over the years and by how much. I’m 40. I have a vague recollection of having shaved them at some point when I was a child - not sure why. Someone probably made me self-conscious. I never did it again. I have very fine, soft and blonde body hair so it doesn’t exactly stand out.

I never knew I was such an anomaly. Thank you for making me aware I’m a freak, ignorance fought!


On the old Newlywed Game, I recall the question “Husbands, does your wife have a little beard on the small of her back?” After puberty a few years later I learned of this IRL, the owners feeling no less feminine for this or forearm hair. Fashions change, though.

I’m 36, and have what I guess are pretty normal amounts of arm hair. More than peachfuzz, far far less than on my legs. It’s fine, like the rest of my hair, and kind of a mouse-brown color at its darkest, and I have a LOT of freckles on my arms. I have never felt the urge to shave or otherwise dehair my arms.

I have very little hair on my arms, and what there is is completely invisible right now because I have a tan.

I have basically none - never have.

However, just as I am willing to overlook sparse chest hair on a man (I like a bit of fur there), I hope potential suitors would be willing to overlook my lack of arm hair.

I’m 39, BTW.

“depilated,” not “depilitated.” I knew something looked wrong.

Both my daughters are pretty hairy, as pretty young women go, and I’ve always found their forearms, and their peach fuzz generally, adorable, but they’ve gotten touchy about it as they’ve matured. I used to be able to get away with calling either one of them “beautiful fuzzy child” as I hugged them–now I’ve learned to focus my affection on some other facet of their beauty, or get a elbow in the ribs.

I do, but it’s not dark, coarse or noticeable. It’s just…there. I suppose if it were long and actually HAIRY it might bother me. But I’m nowhere near having a pelt or anything.

Virtually none. fine, blond and sparse, even though I have dark brown hair on my head.

I have a normal amount of arm hair for someone of my ethnic background, I guess. I’ve never felt any need to do anything about it. Then again, men who shave or wax or dissolve their chest hair creep me the fuck out, so I’m obviously behind the times.

I have fairly hairly forearms, but it’s not the length that’s the problem, it’s the fact that I’m very pale and my hair is very dark, so it shows up a lot. I just shave my arms. Takes about ten seconds every couple of weeks and it does look better. Turns out my GF (who has the same colouring as me) does the same, but I’ve never known anyone else admit it.

I shave my legs and underarms, but I’ve never shaved my forearms. I think that if I did shave my forearms, it’d look weird after a day or so because I’d get stubble there. I’ve never actually wanted to shave my forearms.

My forearm hair is the same colour as the rest of my hair (dark brown with some grey/white.) It isn’t overly long, but is long and dark enough to be noticeable.

I’m 42 and have the same amount I think I’ve always had. It’s fine and sort of colorless, and against all the freckles you can’t see it unless I hold it up against the light. I had a friend in grade school who shaved her arms. I told her it was a weird thing to do, but she insisted she needed to do it. My leg hair is significantly thinner and finer than it used to be, but I also use and have used an electric epilator for years, so that likely has something to do with it. Never even occurred to me people might use those on their arms.

Yeah, blonde fuzz. Now and again I amuse myself singeing it off over the gas stove :smiley:

No, not all. I have never even thought of shaving what I do have. A few years ago my neighbor got hit by a car while on her bicycle and broke her ankle. I helped her out during this time and noticed when she had her leg propped up that she had thick coarse (pubic-like) hair on the top her feet. I have never seen this on any other woman.

Have lots of dark hair on a fairly pale forearms. Used to bother me, until I’ve decided that I couldn’t care less…

She must have been a hobbit.

I do admit that I shave my big toes sometimes. Am I weird?