Who shaves their ARM hair?!

I recently discovered one of my teammates shaves her arm hair. No, not her arm pits, the tops of both her arms! For some reason, this fills me with horror. There’s something just fundamentally wrong with shaving your arm hair. She claimed it’s a regional thing, which I took for proof that people from Colorado are indeed freaks. But then I talked to my roommate, also from Colorado, who insists she’s never heard of this practice.

So what’s the skinny? Do Coloradans shave their arm hair en masse? Or is my teammate just weird in her own right?

– a very puzzled Missi, who’s suddenly very protective of her arm hair.

What kind of team? I’ve heard of this with swimmers and (for some reason) cyclists, but not with, say, rugby.

Americorps NCCC.

Lots of girls at my school shave their arm hair. In fact, it’s considered odd to not shave them. I guess girls are just embarresed of their arm hair. Mine is blonde, so I don’t mind. I kinda like it. It’s all soft and nice. Oh, I live in IL.

A very strange friend of mine used to do that too. She didn’t like the color of her arm hair. It was very woogy when I touched her arm and felt STUBBLE!

[barfing smilie]

It’s probably regional - a lot of shaving decisions are (you try getting British gals bikini-suitable all year round :dubious: )…but it doesn’t surprise me. Even though I kind of like arm hair. It seems that every female follicle below the nose has somehow become verboten in the fashion world, and in the general osmosis of what women ‘should’ do.

I used to think about it, but as I grow older I see that the hair isn’t dark brown anymore and it is thinning out. I can’t bring myself to raze it.

I did once,its cooler in the summer.

My cousin waxes her arms, but I don’t know of anyone who shaves them. I probably should, considering I have chimp arms, but I figure regrowth would be even nastier than what I have now. So I’ll just keep combing my arm hair and conditioning it to a glossy shine as usual.

I used to work with some girls who waxed their arms. I expressed surprise, but they explained that a lot of Armenian girls (they were Armenian) did it. This was in the Southern California area.

It is NOT a Colorado thing. I don’t know where the hell she came up with that shit but it is NOT what we do here.

A male friend of my father (in Oklahoma) apparently shaves his arms—I judge this by the slight stubble that is always there when I see him. He seems to be generally hirsute, so I would guess that the alternative isn’t his cup of tea for whatever reason.

Most of the high-school-age guys I work with shave their arms. I can’t imagine bothering, but they seem to think it’s essential.

I shave everything but my head. I don’t think I’m terribly weird for it. My arms never have stubble. I prefer to wax them, but in a pinch, I’ll shave them.

I just don’t personally like body hair on me. It feels so much better with it all gone. I feel “cleaner” that way. The hair on my head is halfway down my back, though, so I guess I’m making up for the missing hair everywhere else.

I also don’t mind my hairy, hairy husband :smiley: At first, he thought because I didn’t like hair on my body, that I didn’t like it on his, but eventually I reassured him that I only do it because I like the way it feels on me better. What anyone else chooses to shave or not to shave is none of my concern. What exactly is so weird about no hair on one’s arms? (genuinly curious to know). :confused:

I do, I do and I’m a guy. I don’t like it totally smooth but I don’t want to ever get really hairy. I don’t however shave my legs like a lot of guys I know do.

My daughter waxes her arms, legs, and face. For a woman, she’s fairly hairy…and it’s long dark hair, too. It’s quite noticeable if she doesn’t wax or take other measures. She’s thinking about getting laser hair removal treatments for her face, at least.

After she’s waxed her arms, they feel silky soft and very pleasant to touch. Same with her face. I don’t know about her legs, as I don’t generally touch her legs. And I don’t know whether she waxes her bikini area, and I’m not going to ask.

When I lived in Japan, the barber used to shave my EARS. Gave me a complex: is there something my friends aren’t telling me? Damn, I miss being shaved by someone else, though - after the haircut, there was a little old lady who specialised in the shaves, and she was an artiste: the hot towels, the straight razor, lying back while someone does it for you…bliss! Never been shaved smoother in my life.

My (girl) friend and I were helping to shave the boys’ swim team in high school (not the fun bits, but the arms, legs, backs and chests - OK, fun enough! :smiley: ). One of them dared us to shave our arms, and she did - just one stripe down one forearm. And the hair never grew back! 16 years later, she has a bare stripe of hairlessness on her right forearm. I tell her since she obviously has mutant hair follicles, she should just shave the rest and have uniformly hair free arms, but she’s afraid it was a fluke and she’ll end up with heavy bushy arms around a bare strip. Her leg hair regrows like normal, so maybe she’s right.

I’ve been agonizing over what to do with my arms. I think I need to have them waxed (girl here).

Egads!! whats the world coming to? I’ve seen some men with hair tuffs on their back that could seriously use a good waxing, but whats with the shaving all your hair off stuff? Is this the new style or something?

If any of the guys I knew shaved their legs, once I got up off the floor from laughing, I’d hand them a skirt and some pantyhose. “Here Daaarlink, your legs will look fabulous in these silletto heels” :stuck_out_tongue: