Women - would you date an obese man?

Well, would you?

I’m not talking just a little pot belly, but upwards of 300lbs / >60 BMI.

Yes, I would. I did. It was not at all serious but he was a lot of fun and I actually found him very sexy.

Probably not. Chubby, sure, but gigantic, no. It’s about the moobs, really. I need a dude with smaller boobs than me.

I’m likely the 5 billionth person on the planet to note that fatness seems to be much less of a dealbreaker for women than for men. I read a statistic (can’t find the cite unfortunately) that also mentioned that obese men are much more likely to get married than obese women. Now maybe less obese women want to get married period compared to obese men, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is because a woman is simply more likely to be willing to marry a guy that is obese vs a guy’s willingness to marry a woman who is obese.

I suspect women are going to be less vocal and opinionated about their potential men’s weight than in Incubus’s thread about BBWs. :slight_smile:

As a data point, I’m female (and have always been skinny) and no, I would not date an obese man. Because, health worries, activity levels and just what I generally consider handsomeness and dateability in general.

Although I did have a one night fling with a very fat guy once and it was quite fun.

Sure, I have.

Oh, I’m vocal and opinionated about everything, not just BBWs :wink: . Your response is interesting because it seems like an analogue of some of the men’s responses in the BBW thread “I wouldn’t date an obese person, but I might have sex with them”.

To be fair, though, most men would have sex with a hole in an ugly stump if the opportunity presented itself.

Ehh, depends on how fat the stump is.

It’s just big-grained.

Yes indeed - I thought it would be interesting to have some parallel responses from the other gender to your BBW thread.

I have and am marrying one.

No. I don’t find it attractive, I find it limits what you can do in bed, and I worry about the complications of getting involved with someone likely to have major health problems.

Currently am.

Darwin himself stated it plainly: Never pass up a chance to put down roots.

Well then here’s my opinion: Fuck no! I don’t find that attractive one bit. Someone who is just overweight? Sure, if I think he is attractive or just like him as a person, but 300lbs? Hell to the no.

Married one. Yes, I worry about health problems and mobility issues, and I have - at his request - helped him lose weight. (Tony had lost about 100 pounds before his wreck. Immobility issues and medications have since contributed to his regaining about 40, but that’s a new battle we’re working on together.) Aesthetically, yes, I prefer a thinner husband, but I fell in love with the person, not the extra pounds.

I’ve never found an obese man attractive, so I doubt it. A little chubby, sure, but not much more than that.

I’d probably make an exception for John Goodman, though, so I guess you could put me in the “never say never” camp.

No. Health and fitness are a priority to me. We wouldn’t have enough in common.


Considering that in 42 years, I’ve only felt that certain zing with a handful of men, it would be downright silly to lose out on the chance of a happy relationship because he was obese.