Words you intentionally mispronounce for humor reasons

Merci beaucoup is Murky Buckets.

S’il vous plait is Silver Plate.

Edited to add: I forgot the other French one. Garcon is Garckon.

Byoo Tox (buttocks)

Socrates like Bill and Ted


Fee-tish. Inside joke with a guy I knew in high school. It just became the default way I pronounce it


Foilage for foliage.

I call it an Ecnalubma, 'cause that’s what’s printed across the front.

ETA: Pronounce eck-NAL-yoob-ma.


“swauve-aye and de-boner” (suave and debonair) for those of us old enough to remember the Beverly Hillbillies.

Your em-fa-sis is on the wrong sigh-la-bul.

“eeeeeelicious” for delicious. From my nephew, when he was little.

“hop-suns” for options, and “ouch-standing” for outstanding. From my son, when he was little.

Oh yes, I give the wrong sy-LAH-bulls em-FAH-sis as well.

Also people employing hyperbole are “taking a trip to the hyper-bowl.”

We really shouldn’t do it, but we have borrowed our 3YO granddaughter’s mispronunciations:

figgins = fingers
mungas = animals, especially stuffed ones that accompany you to bed

“Chipoodle” for Chipotle.

I do that to drive my 9 year old nuts. And kin-iffy, (knife).

I absolutely hate that one. As with “walla” for voila, there are too many people who think that’s the correct pronunciation.

I know plenty of people who earnestly believe there is an i after the v in mischievous. Even my fifth-grade teacher said so. Doesn’t mean they’re right.

I pronounce it as if it were an Italian word: ahm-boo-LAHN-chay.

The same with fragile: fra-GHEE-lay.

This, and also para-dig-um

Horse doo vers