Words You've Made Up

When I was little, I was convinced I made up the word “distinctive” and was very upset when my sister showed it had already been printed in a 1971 dictionary. I used the word basically to describe everything - I had no concept of its real meaning. Did any of you make up a word when you were a kid or what words did you completely screw up?

Though I didn’t make it up, I liked “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” when I was a kid.

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Common ¢ for all ages.

My friends and I have our own language… some words:

Schnifty: same meaning as nifty, but sounds cooler

Beautimous: even more beautiful than beautiful

Smark: smoke, either “to smoke” or “do you have one you’ll bum to me”

there are more, they’re escaping me…

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

I frequently refer to beer as “tarsky” after the last name of Belushi’s Animal House character (oops, forgot–he was playing himself in that one), Blutarsky (sp?). A friend of mine used to use it but I’m not sure he made it up either.

My friends and I use the word ‘Barong’ a lot. I think it might be based on a chinese word but don’t know what dilect group it might be. It means: all the crap you have to take with you. Can be used for multipurposes 'cause no matter where you’re going there’s some barong to take with.

strop as in “look out i’m gonna strop it!” a combination of slip,stumble, trip and drop. Working in a cabinet shop it gets used a lot, once the other guys heard it they started using it. It is more than just dropping something . it is something big and awkward,slip on a wood scrap, stumble, around and basicaally throw it . Usually winding up in damage. Especially if two people are carrying something awkward one starts to strop it and all the other guy can do is let go and get out of the way. my kids came up with ‘boppies’ for pickes over 20 years ago we still use it without thinking,even around other people who have no idea what we are talking about.

“Pardon me while I have a strange interlude.”-Marx

“Sidewalk strip”–the lawn or planter area between the sidewalk and the curb.
“Unnhhh!” (interjection)–very private word, referring to a female’s voluptuous appearance (including hourglass shape, powerful-looking arms, strong voice). Pronounced like a throaty grunt, but not in the presence of others.

Shinky… it’s the sound and feel of taffeta, and extrapolated to the experience of wearing it. As in “I won’t be in your wedding if I have to wear a shinky dress.”

The reason gentlemen prefer blondes is that there are not enough redheads to go around.

I coined the word “transphylite” to refer to someone who wants a species change operation.

If the word ever becomes necessary (“Doctor, I need the operation. I’m a dog trapped in the body of a human!”), the OED will have to quote me first.


I invented the word “schplank.” This can be a slap to the head, the sound of a heavy object falling into a body of standing liquid, or it can be used as stand-alone trashtalk (“Oh! Schplank!” or, “He just schplanked you!”). The adjective form of the word (“schplanky”) is an equivilant expression to “fubar.” My friends and i use this word more frequently than you might think, and it has served us well. Thank you.

Here’s mine-

“coolth”: the opposite of warmth e.g. “I’m enjoying the coolth now that fall is here.”

“feebile”: the combined physical-mental helplessness of advanced age. Derives from feeble, febrile, and senile

“doinky-doink”: the action of one’s eyeballs bulging out in astonishment.

“guzzoline”: what you fill up your car with.

“dain bramage”: the cause of something really stupid you did.

“flavorite”: the particular variety of a food you prefer. e.g. “Chocolate ice cream’s my flavorite.”

My mom would make a package to send and if it weighed too much, she would smallerit.
Nerdlies:styrofoam packing bits, peanuts, any shape at all

My cross country team used to refer to feces as a “dougan” Not sure where it came from, but some guy on teh team just started saying “Don;t step in the dougan” when refering to some dog poo, after a while we all used it as a sort of slang for all kinds of poop. “Man, I gotta take a dougan.” Coach used it, all teammembers used it. It dies off after the end of teh season, but I always thought it was a cool word.

Jason R Remy

“No amount of legislation can solve America’s problems.”
– Jimmy Carter (1980)

There are enough words in the English language without having a bunch of sniglators clutter up our speakage.

Sorry, Lumpy.

“Coolth” was actually invented by Natalie Babbit and used in one of her children’s books. (I believe it was Bedknob and Broomstick, but I could be wrong) And “guzzoline” was definitely used in the movie The Road Warrior as futuristic Aussie slang for gasoline.

bop–what you say when someone does something stupid or embarrassing or makes a mistake.

ex. guy trips on a curb.

Me: Bop!!

ex. john doe: No, that can’t be, because Paris isn’t in Fran…uh…

Me: Bop!!

And all that really sticky stuff has "gription.

Abstainer: a weak person who yields to the temptation of denying himself a pleasure.
- Ambrose Bierce

when i was a little girl i had my own ‘language’.

the words i can remember… my word for ‘book’ was YO-YO, and if i wanted to color in my coloring book i’d do that sound you can do with your tongue against your upper lip.

my mother was convinced until a few years ago when we were playing a tough game of Balderdash that the word “MISLED” could be shortened by dropping the ‘d’ and the word “MISLE” could be used as a verb…
“You know,” she said, “to mislead someone, to ‘misle’”. Ha! Ha! My mother is otherwise a woman of great intelligence.

When my one of my boys rips one, I tell the to stop being “stankly”.

Boinkin - sex.

Scriggily - When the TV acts up.

Toot - Reefer

You’re leakin - What we say at work when someone’s phone is ringing.


Coarse and violent nudity. Occasional language.

And I thought I invented “coolth” too. Go figure. The one word I’ve made up is “scrubble.” When I haven’t shaved in a couple days, my face gets lots o’ stubble, and I look scruffy. Therefore, my face is full of scrubble.