Worst Album Covers

On the brighter side, many of those titles are less than a minute long.
My short list, delivered in Miss America Pageant style for maximum build up:

2nd Runner Up; Millie Jackson/Back to the Shit. Come on, even if she were attractive I wouldn’t want to see that.

1st Runner Up: Scorpions/Virgin Killer. It’s kiddie porn IMO and shouldn’t be published.

And the loser is: The Handsome Beasts/Bestiality! For fuck’s sake, can’t we limit it to our specie?
Sorry, minlokwat.

For the record, I don’t think #35 and #36 are all that bad. #35 is certainly nowhere near the level of suck of most of the other images. #36 is a somewhat striking image, though I’m not so sure it’s all that relaxing.

My, the Scorpions seemed well represented. I’m too traumatized to go back and do a proper count though

Is that Dick Cheney on #32?

Here’s a list with commentary.


Is it just me, or does Joyce (#9 on that list) look to you like the inspiration for Dustin Hoffman as Tootsie?