Worst Album Covers

Found this site today. I’m ashamed to admit how many of them I’ve owned…

The album Billy Joel would like to forget.

#8 is totally my favorite! Rawk!

Also awesome: #82, #91, and #95

Thanks for the link, very entertaining.

For a major label major artist, I’d say Virgin Killer by the Scorpions- whoever let their daughter pose for this should have had custody taken away- at least the Blind Faith cover was semi-tasteful.

All these and no Orleans?? What a rip-off!

Did I just see a hairy, sweaty guy holding a flute like it was a rifle swung over his shoulder?

(#97, if you dare)

I change my pick- I had forgot about that one. Classic! :slight_smile:

Boy howdy, there are some wretched album covers out there!

If only I had software that could stitch images, or I knew how to merge two of them, I’d send them a new picture of the Charles Manson album. Theirs looks awful. Mine is mint.

Yes, I remember that album - it was from when Herbie Mann wanted to join in on the fusion bandwagon. This album and ‘SuperMann’ all but eradicated the line between jazz and disco. And to think this is the Mann responsible for the fantastic flute solo on Sarah Vaughn’s version of ‘Lullaby of Birdland’.

(Yes, that’s one of the ones I owned - what was I thinking?)

fishbicycle, have you tried The Gimp?

I give you the Kinks’ Word of Mouth. Great album though.

I don’t know whether to be relieved or ticked that page “100-149” only has one cover on it.

Yes, I’ve tried The Gimp. My experience with it was about the same as the poster who wrote about it here recently - I couldn’t figure out how to get it to do anything. I have Photoshop, but I only understand how to use the tiniest fraction of its capabilities. Almost everything it will do is a total mystery to me (what on earth is a layer?), and the help files are written for people who already have massive experience with photo manipulation. They need a glossary to define the words in the glossary!

Considering their entire output, I believe the Kinks have the worst album-cover-quality to album-quality ratio in the history of rock.

I first read the name of the artist in #7 as “Boner”. Not that that would make it much worse.

FWIW, #29 is an intentional rip-off of the cover (and title) of Herb Alpert’s Whipped Cream & Other Delights. Not sure if a cover is independently awful if it is satire.

And to hell with the cover, I want my own copy of Songs for Gay Dogs.

Cover Browser (the website linked in the original post) is a fascinating and often hilarious site. In addition to album covers, the site has a huge collection of comic book covers and pulp magazine covers and many specialized categories of same. Here is a page of “odd” covers, including my fave: “Apocalypse Meow.”

#12 and #49 are just plain alarming. :eek:

Actual song titles from this album include “Drain the Main Vein”, and “Ain’t no talkin with your mouth full”. :slight_smile:

Pat Cooper did a take on the Herb Alpert cover as well.

I want to be in compliance with board rules so I can’t post a link to an album cover I’ve sited in the past.

I nominate “Carnivorous Erection”. Just google it and you can see for yourself. Definitely NSFW. Go to the wikipedia site and you can get the titles of the track listings. Oy. I think I’d be in violation of board policy just by typing some of those out as well.