Worst Father in History

Man posts photo of his seven-year-old holding a severed head to instagram

Jesus fucking Christ, I’ve seen insane terrorists, but this is a whole new level.

Well, c’mon now, he’s seven. You don’t expect him to be strong enough to hold up a whole body, do you?

I just see a kid holding a black square.

Who’s head is it, a teacher, the kid’s coach?
Indeed, that is very sick.

Not sure–the Australian father relocated his family to the middle east (Syria, I think?) to join in the fighting.

According to this report, a Syrian soldier.

The father, Khaled Sharrouf, has been variously reported as a “convicted terrorist”, “drug addict” and schizophrenic, but without much as yet in the way of details. It does appear he managed to get from Australia to Iraq, and eventually Syria, late last year on a brother’s passport.

And all I’ve got is pictures of me holding up the trout after my dad took me fishing.


Was it an infidel trout? If so, you’re good.

Not to worry. The article says that the father has received condemnation.

I’m wondering if the head belongs to the guy that was in front of the kid when he was waiting to get an apple pie at Burger King.

Hutton Gibson, no longer Australia’s preeminent religious wack-job dad.

Stalin probably still holds the title for “Worst Father In History”, even if you disregard the effects of daddy being a mass murderer.

Good for him. Time was kids that age would all be out learning a trade. Though probably not headshrinking.

I think Ivan the Terrible is definitely a candidate too.

Doesn’t every father want their son to get a head in life?

What about fathers who abandon their child in utero?

Dude, THAT guy’s a dick!

And Peter the Great. Must be something in the water over there . . .


That’s pretty damn precocious. I didn’t know one could even be a father in utero.

I say Cronus is the worst father ever. Even Stalin didn’t eat his own kids. Probably.