Worst. Job Title. Ever

One of the college porters at Goldsmiths College in London, at which the spouse teaches, has been assigned the thankless task of walking around the two main designated outdoor smoking areas and sweeping up the various leavings strewn about by those too nicotine-fuddled to dispose of their burnt remnants in the conveniently-located containers provided by the college.

What this poor man did to deserve such a fate, I know not. But it gets worse. Oh my yes, it gets so much worse.

For as part of these said duties, he has been issued a vest to wear, upon which has been proudly emblazoned his job title for all to see:

Butt Patrol


Oh honey, I’ve been on butt patrol for years.

Although I was never issued the cool vest.

I do have some old Queer Nation “Butt Pirate” stickers, though.

Since it is in London… at least it doesn’t say Fag Patrol…

Hot Damn! I want one of those vests! Really.

Could be worse. Like BUTT PICKER worse.

I was an End User Analyst for a while…

Back when my husband and I worked at the same large corporation, his title was Assistant (something or other) Representative.

Which for some reason they chose to abbreviate on the HUGE company-wide org chart as:
Ass Rep.
Yup - that’s my husband, the Ass Rep.

A few years ago when I moved from tech support into a programming role my job title changed to “Development Analyst”. Nothing bad about that, except that when I got the new monthly edition of the company phonebook I was down as: Armilla (IT) Dev Anal.

At the store where I work, someone once turned in an application naming their previous position as “ass man.”

Back in college at the radio station, my firend was the Assistant Music Director. I once referred to her in the minutes as the “Ass. M.D.” and sent the e-mail without thinking. She was referred to as “The proctologist” for quite a while thereafter!

Motorgirl - - Ass Rep? How did they tell the assistant representatives from the associate representatives?

I used to know a woman who worked for a small TV production outfit as a Production Assistant. She got very annoyed whenever anyone abbreviated her job title to Prod Ass, insisting that it be Prod Asst instead.

Heh. I know of a guy who works in a candy factory filling boxes of a particular candy. His title:

Fudge Packer

I don’t believe they thought that far ahead. :smiley:

One of my wife’s college friends worked in a turkey packing plant. Her job title? Bum Hole Remover.

The worst job I ever had …