Worst movie you have seen in 2018

Happy new year, everyone. What movies (both new releases and older) did you watch for the first time and dislike? For me, my least favorite new release was the newest Avengers movie. Most superhero movies these days have a predictable plot in my opinion. My least favorite old release was Jawbreaker. As I was picking out a movie for girls’ night with my sister and niece, I found a VHS tape of the movie among their shelf of movies. Bad choice.

If we’re restricting ourselves to feature-length movies, then the worst films I saw in 2018 were The Dungeonmaster and Joysticks. These are both absolutely dreadful anthology films from the early 1980s that I decided to watch on a whim in December. The Dungeonmaster was at least enjoyable on a “so bad it’s good” level; I watched it with my partner and we made a game out of uttering potshots and other derisive comments about the awful writing, acting, and (not so) special effects. Joysticks was not only poorly made, but also tasteless and offensive.

2019 has not gotten off to a great start. We got excited when we saw Journey to the Center of the Earth on the TV schedule for New Year’s Day. Turns out it wasn’t the 1959 version that I fondly remembered from my childhood, but rather some abomination from 1986/1988/1989 (sources don’t seem to agree on how to date it). Except for the subterranean setting, the film has almost nothing to do with the Jules Verne story. The acting is terrible, the set design is laughable, and the story has plot holes big enough to drive a spaceship through. The film is supposed to take place in Hawaii, but it’s obviously shot in California with very conspicuous matte paintings of volcanoes superimposed on the background. The characters get lost in a cave in one of the volcanoes; after only a few hours their clothing gets ripped to shreds. They fall through several levels, getting closer and closer to the centre of the earth, yet their surroundings are always brightly lit. They nonetheless keep their flashlights switched on, but use them only to read comic books while walking around the cave. We stopped watching halfway through when the characters discover the Lost City of [del]Atlantis[/del] Bad 1980s Haircuts.

I remember joysticks …it was a bunch of "arcade/video games can be evil " stories ….only one I remember is there was unbeatable high score in a game by someone who disappeared soon after

cue teen whos obsessed with beating it above all else in life …… well after getting grouned banned from the place losing friends drama he breaks in to the arcade one night to finally beat it ….he does only to find out the final boss is a digitized version of the disappeared guy and the game comes to life in the arcade destroying it he wins and becomes the next boss …the game sitting there untouched in the burning arcade the next morning …when people go to the game you see him digitized repeating the game spiel and the movies end

every hallmark xmas movie ever made count ? they start them the last week of oct and don’t end til next Monday……. and make 16 new every year

Actually, you’re thinking of Nightmares, not Joysticks. The obsessed teen was Emilio Estevez, in what must have been his first (or one of his first) starring roles.

Come to think of it, I confused the two films myself in my earlier post. Nightmares (like The Dungeonmaster) is an anthology film but Joysticks is not. Neither is a good film, but Joysticks the well and truly awful.

Not last year. In 2018, Hallmark premiered 37 original Christmas movies, a new record.

And they’re all the same. Drives my wife crazy when I recite all the plot points before they happen.

Difficult question. I do not watch movies without first reading reviews, and I do not watch movies I think I will not enjoy. Picking “the worst” therefore really means picking the “least great”. I can’t think of a single movie I did not enjoy.

ETA: for instance, I haven’t watched a “Hallmark Movie” in decades, so there’s that.

I watched some Harry Potter type of movie about a month ago. Having not seen the actual Harry Potter movies (or read the books), this one did nothing for me. (This was apparently a sequel and my wife liked the original, so she suggested we go). She didn’t like it either, so maybe it just wasn’t a good movie.

Came out in 2017 but I watched it on a plane coming back from Germany this past summer: Geostorm. I laughed my ass off the entire time. It’s not a comedy. Seriously, it’s like nobody who had anything to do with that piece of shit ever even did as much research as looking up the words “science” or “physics” in the dictionary. It makes The Day After Tomorrow look like a documentary.

If older counts, I located that rarest of all jewels, a movie so irretrievably awful that it was irresistible.

The one, the only (thank God) Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity. Preposterous in plot, ludicrous in execution, a level of acting that would give a Madame Toussaud waxwork a run for its money, special effects one step up from tinfoil, interspersed with partial nudity and violence - it was riveting. I cannot recommend it too lowly.


This pretty sums it up for me. Sometimes I’ll just pick something to put on but I can usually tell within the first few moments if it’s going to be bad, so I don’t usually watch bad movies in their entirety. One that comes to mind, and I’m not sure why I watched the whole thing (maybe I paid for it? who knows) was a full length piece of dreck called Knock Knock with Keanu Reeves and a couple of [del]tarts[/del]“actresses” with whom I’m not familiar. I think it might be one of the worst films I’ve watched all the way through ever. I know many people don’t have a high opinion of KR’s acting skills and I think he can stink the place up if he’s miscast but I also find him enjoyable in more things than not. Believe me, was not one of his better performances and it was still not even close to being the worst thing about this movie. I also used to think he seems like a nice, grounded person IRL but the fact that he’d agree to be in this makes me question that.

I don’t sit and watch many films and will quickly cut bait on one that’s not engaging me so I haven’t sat completely through any real stinkers this past year and forgotten the ones I turned off after twenty minutes. The only real disappointment that comes to mind was Tomb Raider. Video game movies are almost always trash but I liked Alicia Vikander in Ex Machina and hoped she’d be able to pull off a watchable performance but nope. Just another garbage movie adaptation of a game.

Generally not a good sign when I can’t remember whether I’ve seen a movie or not, especially one this recent. I’m almost certain I watched this, but it was so memorable I could tell you absolutely nothing about it.

I generally don’t watch movies I think will be bad. I guess the worst movie I watched from beginning to end this year was the Russian Avengers rip-off called The Guardians. I watched it on Amazon Prime.

Sitting in a hot tub on The Majesty of the Seas back in October I got a chance to watch - on a jumbo tron screen no less - Love at Sea!

I’m telling you, sitting in a hot tub with a bunch of ladies, drinking rum-based drinks and watching a Hallmark RomCom set aboard a cruise ship is something. The kibitzing by the younger women was spectacular.

It had:

  1. An expected proposal that turned into a break up!
  2. A ‘reclaiming herself heroine’ that starts her own business!
  3. A plucky friend who has her own social media business!
  4. An interfering mom who is rich!
  5. A business opportunity on The Harmony of the Seas!
  6. An attractive cruise director who’s dedicated to getting his shot at the big time!
  7. Wacky misadventures that draw the heroine (#2, above) into saving her friends (#3, above) business
  8. The evil ex-boyfriend - who’d taken our heroine’s (#2, above) family business from her reappearing and asserting his love!
  9. Misunderstandings bringing cruise-director boy (#6, above) and heroine to the point of hating each other!
  10. A passionate realization that what the really wanted was each other!
  11. And to keep working on The Harmony of the Seas!
  12. At least ten short scenes where #2 and #6 are staring together at the seas remarking on how relaxing being on a cruise on The Harmony of the Seas is and that nothing could possibly be better for them.


This is more interesting as “The worst movie you’ve seen from 2018.” For me, that’s Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. I watch enough movies in any given year that trying to remember the worst one is impossible for me, as I usually purge them from memory almost instantly.

Worst movies I saw in 2018:

Fullmetal Alchemist - live action movie

Batman V Superman

Justice League

I saw all 8 Fast and the Furious movies(never seen one before) - the first 1 was probably the worst.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Raw Force

Wet Hot American Summer

In the Mouth of Madness

The Conjuring

The Collector

Crimes of Grindewald

I Kill Giants

Cloverfield Paradox

Worst movies I saw from 2018:
Crimes of Grindewald

Fullmetal Alchemist - live action

Killing of a Sacred Deer**

Life Of The Party, with Melissa McCarthy.

That’s the one!

I watched the first one because we were thinking about going to see the new one in theaters. It was so bad that we scrubbed those plans. I do have a question for anyone that saw the second one: So in the first one, that thunderbird shows up and rains everyones’ memories away in the entire city so magic is safe. What about the senator that was killed by the smoke monster thing? Did everybody forget about him? Did they explain that at all in the second one?