Would astronomy pictures be tacky for a bedroom?

I’m looking to get some nice framed pictures for my bedroom.

I love astronomy pictures but I can’t decide if that would be too “wired” for bedroom decor.



I’ve got two gas nebula pix in my bedroom, gifts from my daughter, plus a poster sized picture of an observatory where I once worked.

So, I guess, your answer is “yes”.

It’s your bedroom. Why should you care if it’s “tacky” or not?

I mean, presumably you aren’t doing that much entertaining in there.

You underestimate SHAKES’s entertaining skills :wink:

No, if it’s well-printed and framed, it’s perfectly fine. It’s nerdy, yes, but not unbearably so, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with that.

hm I would pick Zeyphr 08, Astronomy Domain (visible) © Bjorn … from the first page, and Yale Center For Astronomy and … without the words from page 4.

I think those would be rather nice in any room.

Plus those images are just so freakin’ cool.

I say go for it. (Of course I would also happily cover an entire wall in anime posters if given a chance)

Go for it.

It’s your bedroom. Decorate the way you want to.

This Orion Nebula detail is very pretty and it doesn’t shout “astronomy!” http://hubblesite.org/newscenter/archive/releases/2006/01/image/i/

Perhaps an antique astronomy print would be to your liking? http://www.art.com/gallery/id--b1849-c23944/astronomy-space-fine-art-prints.htm. Many of those images can be found on the web in hi-res.

I was involved, as one of the first 10 employees at the Hubble Space Telescope Science Institute, with the earliest plans to make those images something the public would both treasure and have for their own, back in 1982.

I am honored that you would consider decorating any room of your house that way and would be disappointed if you decided against it.

I think, typically, they’re more of a den/study room/library kind of decoration.
But who the hell wants to be typical? :smiley: If you like it, do it.

I think astronomy pictures would be lovely!

But then I’ve got National Geographic maps of Everest and Antarctica in my bedroom, so my tastes may be a little unusual.

I’d say go for it, but then I’m a) biased and b) its part of my job to promote astronomy to the public! :wink:

I used to have a poster of the M31 Andromeda nebula on my bedroom wall, with a model of the Enterprise (TOC) hanging in front of it.

I took both of them down about the time I started bringing girls in there.

Check out some of these. way cool.


That’s pretty awesome, thanks for the great work. I love those pictures.

Well shoot. If ya’ put it like that, I gotta do it now! Too cool.
So I guess the question is now; where can I go to get some good quality prints of said pictures?

Thanks for the input guys.

I remember seeing a website that you could use to create a humongo poster of something using a standard printer, you input the jpg and it would output the file for however many 8x11 sheets it would end up being …

I could see doing one of the spiffy ones as that and papering my ceiling with one of the images I really like …

Anybody have a link to that webpage [or program?]?

The Rasterbator.

I can see some semantic confusion if a bed guest mentions “Uranus”.

http://www.skyimagelab.com/ - the owner is a colleague of mine from a previous career arc for both of us - that he got involved in this is coincidental in the extreme, but there ya go!