Would someone please explain the adult onesie to me?

Apparently today’s thirty year old who wants to dress like a four year old has their choice in one piece footie jammies, complete with animal prints and super hero capes.

See here at Target

Is there a non-fetish reason for an adult to want this? What is it?

No capes!
It could make sense if the house is rather cold.
No different than sweats/long underwear and socks.

Not for me, but if you’re going to wear pajamas, why not?

Also, fixed link.

I would wear a onesie. I hate when my t-shirt rides up while I’m asleep. A onesie would solve this problem.

Again, XKCD has a strip for everything - http://xkcd.com/150/

The OP’s talking about footed pajamas/footed sleepers. Children wear these regularly, not just babies. They look like they are very warm and comfortable, based on how my son seems to get along in his.

Onesies are those things that babies wear that are basically a t-shirt with tails that snap together in the crotch.

I saw this one and thought, okay, I’m not a huge Batman fan, but I can totally see a dude wearing it kind of as a joke, maybe even being a funny gift bought for him by his sweetie.

Then I saw this one and thought, nope, fetish.

Does it have a Dr. Denton’s style poop flap in the back?

Otherwise, like “birth-control glasses” wearing of this garment says one thing - “We are NOT having sex tonight.”

They appeal to people who find them practical and comfortable, and also appeal to people who felt being 5 years old was the high mark of their life and are constantly nostalgic for anything associated with it. Someone’s all of the above.

I had such a garment back in college. I wore it to sleep in a handful of times - huge pain in the neck when going to the bathroom, as basically you’ve got to completely remove the thing to use the toilet.

A “flap” would theoretically help that but how on earth does that work without risking soiling the edges of the garment.

So… I could see having a 2-piece version of it. Maybe even a way to snap the top to the pants (like some toddler pajamas do) to prevent ride-up.

But regular pajamas, with socks (even slipper-socks) would seem to answer the need with MUCH more usability.

As a parent who a few years ago had a baby, that isn’t a onesie! A onesie only covers the abdomen and butt/crotch, it is like a shirt with two tails that snap together between the legs.

Eh add a crotch flap for the male version for urination and you’d be good to go, you know like on briefs and boxerbriefs.

Just because it’s at Target, I wouldn’t exclude the fetish angle. If it weren’t for the potential loss of uptight customers, they’d probably be stocking whips and 18"DHIBJD:eek::eek:. I doubt that the CEO finds fetish money any less green than non-fetish money, so if they feel like no one’s going to complain about something being on the floor, and customers are buying it, I doubt that they much care what the motivation was.

Double headed…dildo?

Ok I give up what does the IBJ stand for?

Ice-Blue Jelly. The 18" Double Headed Ice-Blue Jelly-Dong is an old meme around here. Turn of the century old.

It was nice to be able to have a non-gratuitous use for it.

I’m getting myself and my fifteen year old daughter a set for Christmas.

She was a HUGE footie pajama girl and outgrew them a few years ago - as in they were difficult to find in adult sizes.

For Christmas for maybe the past ten years, her and I get matching jammies - we usually don’t have a lot of choice since finding something in size 10 kids and size 10 adults that match - unless you visit one of those matching jammies websites that seem…run by the Stepford Wives.

This year she wears adult sizes, and Target had footie jammies. So we get footie jammies - for the nostalgia. I’ll probably wear mine a few times when its cold, but really won’t wear them much. Pain in the butt to visit the bathroom. I’ll see how comfy they are. (Its possible it will become the Saturday hang around the house uniform if its warm and comfy enough, but I sort of doubt it).

Huh, thanks.

Learn something new every day!

I feel old since I remember when the 18"DHIBJD thread was first posted.

What do you do to wear them out so fast? Seems like a once-a-decade kind of purchase.