Would this make you cancel dinner plans?

My coworker’s family (husband and toddler daughter) came to meet her at work, and they went to a movie together. After the movie, they were going to stop at one of the nicer restaurants in the mall and have dinner. But she discovered that the cupholder at the theater had torn her skirt. It was one of those L-shaped tears, high up on her hip, under the hem of her sweater, about 1.5-2 inches on each side. It was a black skirt, and underneath she was wearing black tights, and possibly even a slip…there was no bare skin being exposed. And as I said, the hem of her sweater covered the tear. From where I was standing when she showed me, I couldn’t really see it.

She was upset (the skirt was brand new) and told her husband they had to leave and go home right then. I commented that since the tear was covered, they were going to a fairly dark restaurant and would be sitting in a booth (and she was wearing a coat!) that I thought she could get away with eating dinner out and no one would notice the tear. She shot me a look that implied I had asked her to eat dinner bucked naked, and again insisted that they cancel their plans and just head for home. I felt bad for her husband and daughter, who were hungry and had been looking forward to dinner out.

So would you have bolted for home over a small tear in your clothes no one could see? Or would you have just tugged your sweater down and sat with that hip on the inside of the booth?

I have a feeling we will be discussing this at work today!

No point asking me. I once tore the crotch of my pants at work and went to the toilet and stapled them together to get through the day.

I wouldn’t have minded. And in such a situation where there’s a whole group of people, I definitely wouldn’t have bailed like that.

LOL…this coworker once spilled some food on her shirt, treated the stain and got it out (and the work apron covered the spot) and still had to run down the mall to buy a new shirt to wear!

She sounds neurotic as all hell.

don’t ask - That’s the spirit!

And yes, I do think the woman in question overreacted just a bit.
Maybe she was just having a bad day?

Sounds a tad irrational to me.

For some reason, it reminds me of the Doper who felt a little nauseous and got a cooking pot to puke in. Didn’t actually puke in it, mind you. He just contemplated it and then the feeling passed. His wife and mother (in law?) insisted on throwing the pot out because it was “ruined.”

You answered your own question.

No chance! I can’t see that a small tear like that would need to ruin an entire evening, although I’d probably be very conscious of the fact that the tear was there and would be forever checking that it was covered up by the sweater.

They… threw the pot out… because somone… thought… about puking in it? :eek:

I would not cancel plans. But I’m not that fashion concious. And I agree with the poster above me who would find the tear distracting all evening.

My mom works in a Mom’s Day Out program. A few months ago, one kid split her chin open, which resulted on blood on two of the teacher’s clothes. Mom shrugged it off till the end of the day, then soaked the shirt, got the blood out, and has kept wearing the shirt. The other teacher left in the middle of the day to go home, throw her shirt in the trash and put on a fresh shirt. Blood just squicked her out, but her attitude struck me as wasteful. I can see trashing a shirt with an actual bloodstain on it, but to not even try? Wasteful.

I stapled the crotch back together on pants a few times and continued to work. Safety pins work better though. I had the front of the sole of my shoe come off at work one day so the front was flapping. I hate glued together shoes. I used a couple heavy duty rubber bands on it to finish off the day.

That said it really is up to the lady if she wants to do that and not our choice. Don’t harass her at work over this or gossip about it. You’re gossiping over what she considers a private concern over what is unacceptable to expose on her body.

Yep. I wish I could find the thread.

Is it possible that she was concerned about the tear getting worse by continued wearing? She may have wanted to get home so she could take off the skirt and contain the damage as much as possible.

I suppose there could possibly be a concern that the tear might get bigger over the course of an evening out and about?
(still sounds like an overreaction though at the expense of hungry family members)

So any talking about anything anyone does or says is gossip?
I didn’t think about the possibility of it getting bigger. That’s a valid reason, though in my experience those L-shaped tears are pretty stable. But she make have been worried about that.

No, but I wouldn’t keep bring up this at work. I’m sure she’s pissed about this happening. I guess it depends on if you like the person enough not to bring up this for her embarrassing event. The internet though is a different story.

I wonder how they would have felt about using an empty water bottle on a campout as a pee bottle? :eek:

(My son did want me to mark that bottle so he would “never have to drink out of that bottle again.” I told him that urine was sterile, and the bottle would be fine after it was cleaned out, including a cycle through the dishwasher. It’s now mixed up with all of the others.)

Why cancel the evening out? Was home too far away? A little compromise would have left everybody happy in this situation- let her go home and change, then go out to eat.

It sounds like it was the emotional trauma of the tear, not the tear itself. Pretty over the top. I would have ignored it and had dinner.