Would tiger Woods Benefit From Intervention By Rev. Jackson?

Everyone says this, but I have never heard anyone outline why they think this is the case? What has he done to be thought of that way aside from playing golf, a “passive”, majority white game?

He dresses like this and not this.

These guys?

Sadly, this will probably hit his charity pretty hard. My understanding is that he divides his income between tournament winnings (which he keeps) and endorsement money (all of which goes to his charity). Surely the endorsement money will drop, at least temporarily, and I wonder if he’ll be able to keep from dipping into that for his personal expenses (ie, payoff to his wife).

I think at this point the only thing that will help Woods is to keep his hands to himself and his pecker zipped up in his pants.

It’s none of Rev. Jackson’s business. At this point, it’s up to Mrs. Woods whether or not the marriage continues. If I were her the last thing I’d want in my face is another man asking me to forgive a man I trusted and who betrayed that trust. It’s up to Tiger to make amends, if he can, or man up and deal with the consequences of his actions.

I find it offensive when people toss around the R word at the drop of the hat.

He needs to go on Dr, Drews sex clinic. That would do it. His sex activities are then due to an addiction. Not his fault. We could all forgive him.

What do you think the point of this thread is, if not to stir up the racial pot? It’s not as if the OP wanted to have a real debate, considering he hasn’t returned to the thread. I’m surprised the mods let this stuff go on in GD.

I dunno, maybe ralph just honestly assumes that since Jackson is black and Woods is (kind-of) black, the latter would seek out advice and respect the opinion of the former.

Personally, I’m willing to bet there are approximately fifty million people in America better suited to give marital advice than Jesse Jackson, but blackness beats all, I guess.

We’re not gonna find out unless ralph breaks his pattern and actually returns to one of his threads.

Who are the respected white evangelists in the US?

Billy Graham?

Just for the record “Rev. Jackson” is an incorrect form of address. Reverend is a style, as in “The Reverend Jesse Jackson”. Calling him Reverend Jackson is like calling a judge Honorable Scalia or Honorable Bader Ginsburg.

My response to your post is here

It was an honest question-Jackson frequently lends his support to people in distress (like Tupac Shakar and Rodney King).
So I think Jackson might well lend his influence to assist this couple, in an hour of need!

Close. He sticks his attention seeking nose into any situation he thinks he can twist to suit his own agenda.

An evangelical minister is the last person that Tiger needs to talk with at the moment in my own opinion. Why does a minister need to be involved at all? Professional marriage and personal counseling with a non-celebrity makes more sense.

ralph, in your understanding do you think that only a black person could be helpful? And is the Rev. Jackson helpful only to black people? That is what your comments have led me to believe that you think.

My own observation is that the Reverend is really good at framing something that is not racially motivated into a racist context. Perhaps the OP thinks Tiger could be better perceived by the media if they charge that his wife is racist?

Also, I cannot think of any time where Jackson actually publicly helped someone of a different race. But I’m prepared to be educated.

I bet Jackson could have shown him how to not get caught.

If Tiger Woods turns out to be a sex addict then Reverend Jackson can always threaten to cut his nuts off. That should give him reason to pause and reflect on the most productive use of his balls.