Would tiger Woods Benefit From Intervention By Rev. Jackson?

So if I understand correctly …

Racial aspect + potential to result in negative conclusions = Racist

No. Jesse is a poverty pimp. Given Tiger’s approximate net worth, there’s no way he could spin this into black-man-being-downtrodden-by-whitey.

Or maybe he could. It looks like Tiger’s wife is going to be the major wage earner for a while. I hear that Nicholson has hired her as a tutor on how to beat Tiger.

This will probably be viewed as not being politically correct, but I don’t think there are many situations that can be helped by Jesse Jackson’s intervention (nor Rev. Al Sharpton, either). Frankly, those two are mostly just media and publicity whores who jump up and try and interject themselves into news stories of the day and then try and use them for their own agendas.

Given Jackson’s own history with infidelity, I think he would be particularly ill-suited for this subject.

I see no debate.

I’m sending this off to IMHO as a commentary on the passing scene.

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Would anyone?

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No. Needlessly bringing in a racial lightning rod into a situation where it has no business is stirring the racial pot.

An equivalent topic might be “Should Sarah Palin pick David Duke as a running mate?” Gratuitous, unecessary, and shit-stirring.

I don’t understand your position here. This thread was started as a properly framed debate. It’s not ralp124c’s fault that the Reverend Jackson is a lightening rod for pot shots. He roots through African American current events looking for cameras as if they were truffles. The image of a person of color in the news is like the bat symbol to him. It causes an uninvited launch to the scene of the crime (the crime being his absence from the situation). I think it’s a legitimate debate to ask if the caped crusader is more hindrance than help. It’s going to happen at some point whether Tiger Woods wants the help or not.

Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo ……blackman…. Blackman…… Jackson.