Would you date a... (pure silliness thread)

… man with a dog dick?

No. Just no.


A what?

OP, are you autistic?

A cyclops?



Still no.

What makes it a dog dick? Is it because his nuts are retractable? If so, I wouldn’t ever want to hook up (ha) with someone I might not be able to un-hook from for a period of time. Nope nope nope.

Maybe its because his dog dick gets stuck in your vagina for some time and you have to deal with him just sorta there. Do you make small talk? A lot of people hate small talk. What do you do?

Is it attached or does he have a collection?

Would I date a man with a dog named Dick?


…date a man with a Dave Spade or a Jaime Kennedy dick?
(granted, smaller than any breed of dog & less hygenic)

Not enough to get on disability, and believe me I’ve tried.

The OP is a reference to a notorious closed thread. And anyway let’s hear others’ silly “would you date” ideas.

…someone who’s willing to date you?

(conventional wisdom says “no!” as that constitutes “settling,” not acknowledging that the alternative is to be with someone who’s just settling for you)