Really indelicate beastality question

No way to ask this without looking like a dev, so I’ll just brave it out:

Has any breed of dog ever been bred specificly for penis size?

No, I’m not looking to buy one.


Then why did you specifically use the term “bestiality” in your thread title? I think there are probably more appropriate message boards on the web for you to discuss your sick fetish. Actually, you should maybe get off the web entirely and go see a doctor.


This is the place. :wink:

You just THOUGHT you had sigs turned off.

Getting back to the original question…it’s unlikely that we’ll ever know. Among the “recognized” breeds, you won’t find any reference to penis size. There are several unofficial crossbreeds that are bred for overall size or ferocity in guard dogs or (shudder) fighting dogs. It is possible that somebody actually has bred dogs for the size of their peckers. It’s not the sort of thing you’d advertize in the back pages of Dog World.

Rockford, have you ever read any of Cecil’s columns?

Oooooooh goody, where are they? Got a linky for us? :smiley: :smiley:

You could try here, here, here, here or here for starters kambuckta :smiley:

Um, gee, thanks reprise!
But I didn’t reeeeally want to know :stuck_out_tongue:

Jesus, I was figuring that reprise’s links were going to take us to www. bigdogdicks. com or something.

Life’s full of little disappointments, isn’t it? :smiley:

Anyone else find it humorous that Snoooopy replied to this thread?

Just me?
I have nothing to ad to the OP since, I would think you would have to be part of the “beastialiy underground” to know the ins and outs about prefered breeds for such a thing.

Of course, you can most likely find something out there on the web, you can find all kinds of odd, sick obscure information out there. I will let you spend hours digging for info on the topic. It is not the kind of ignorance I want to fight truth be told.


Oh wait. I misread the OP. Never mind.

You might also want to check out dog grooming sites to find out how to properly trim their nails :wink:

Now there’s a woman who’s fully aware of the hazzards of dogsex. :wink:


Aall together now

“Bestiality’s best boys, bestiality’s best…”
As for the OP - goodness knows, all sorts of odd things are possible, ad people have messed with dog-breedings for lots of purposes, but I just think it would be one of the less well-publicised bits of information in the world.

Which for those of you who are NOT familiar with Celyn’s words, they are sung to the tune of Rolf Harris’s,

“Tie 'Me Kangaroo Down, Sport”. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Now if THAT ain’t rape, I dunno what is!!

If someone actually comes up with a definitive answer to whether a schnauzer shlong is bigger than a airedale dong, well, I’ll tip my hat to him…or her.

Just curious, Lumpywhy?

There was a recent case where a dog killed a lesbian, and was found to be having sex with the female owner, who was sentenced to prison for involuntary manslaughter. The breed was a ** Presley corgi. **

I hope this helps.

I thought it was a presa canario, or have I just been whooshed?

The Ordish Plunger is not an AKC recognized breed, but was developed for the amusement of Queen Willamina the Moist in the mid-1600s.