Would you hit a pinata likeness of yourself?

So a coworker of mine turned in his 2 weeks notice today (he’s moving on to bigger and better things, lucky guy). A group of us got to talking about what we’re going to do for his last day celebration, and I (somewhat jokingly) said that I’d take care of getting a pinata of soon-to-be-former-coworker’s likeness for the assembled masses to take turns destroying. Naturally, I offered the first whack to the guest of honor.

Long story short, about 2/3 of the group thought it was a hilarious idea, including the soon-to-be-former-coworker. One woman, however, was somewhat less then thrilled with the concept. I believe she said something about it being “rude, disturbing, gross and mean.”

Nevertheless, I still think it’s an awesome idea, although I’m not sure I’ll be able to locate a suitable pinata in time.

So what does the Dope think? Would you be offended at the idea of hitting a pinata verson of yourself?

I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

One day I would like a very realistic prop of my own severed head. I’d have no problem hitting a Johnny pinata. (Sorry, I don’t know how to make the tilde-n on the Mac.)

I wouldn’t have a problem with it if it was presented in a kind of funny, jokey way and, since your co-worker said he thought it would be funny, it probably wouldn’t be a problem in this instance (unless some higher-up was concerned it might cause a liability problem down the line).

If you hadn’t already run it by the co-worker first, though, I would say to scrap the plan. I can seem how it could be misconstrued as dislike or even a genuine threat to do something like this. I mean, if you walked into your going-away party and everyone was there whacking at a big face that looked like yours, you might interpret that as them not liking you or even wishing you harm. It seems inappropriate for this kind of party, but maybe okay for a birthday roast kind of thing.

Hell yeah, I think it’d be a hoot.

No. It would be weird.


How does one do diacritics when posting? I’ve been wondering for a long time.

Yes, I’d hit the pinata, but I’d rather it were my boss.

I’m not supersticious, but harming any likeness of myself would give me the willies. It would be like poking pins in a voodoo doll of myself.

I went to a bachelor party where someone had made a cake that looked just like a pair of breasts. Noone could bring themselves to cut it, so it went uneaten. Same kind of thing, I think.

On my PC, I do it with the US-International keyboard layout, which I’ve talked about before here. If you do it a lot (as I do), it’s the easiest way.

All of these

Ää Ëë Ï ï Öö Üü ÿ Áá Éé Íí Óó Úú Ýý Àà Èè Ìì Òò Ùù Ãã Õõ Ññ Åå Ââ Êê Îî Ôô Ûû Çç §ß Þþ Ðð Øø Ææ ¿ ¡ ©® ¶ ° ¨ ¢ £ ¤ € ÷ ¦ « » ¬ ´ µ ¹ ² ³ ¼ ½ ¾ ‘ ’

are available with no more than two keystrokes per character. I use this all the time porque es más fácil escribir mis tareas así para el argentino loco que enseña mi clase de español. See? With the Alt-NumPad trick, that’d take me forever.

Appleheads in the house, I point you here.

Would I hit a pinata effigy of myself…?!
Batter up!


I’d do it. Sounds like fun.

I’d knock it into next week. Anyone who can’t take a poke at themselves is lacking character, IMHO.

It’s gotta be funny. Please, no severed head or fake blood. Eew. But if you made a silly caricature, yeah, I’d be swingin’.

I could do it, and I could watch everyone else do it, too, as long as they didn’t take an inordinate number of whacks at the pinata crotch.

Thanks, Bambi. I’ll try to make an ñ next time I’m on the Mac.

Heh. I’ve seen this, and even WENT to Germany, where they had silly keyboards with umlauts on them…

and then longed to get back home so that I couls use my precious Alt-codes.

You’re just that much cooler than me, I guess.

I’d smack a pinata me in the ass so quick… :smiley:

I’d be honored too, actually. I don’t think anyone who isn’t superstitious or who doesn’t take themselves too seriously would mind. But I’d be screaming to anyone else joining in on my fun, “Not the face, goddammit. I wanna save the face!”

Hell, yes, it would be satisfying. The little prick deserves it.

I’d hit it.