Would you literally kiss my ass for $1,000 in cash (or the equivlent in pounds)?

It would have to be a 5 second kiss (on either bare cheek) with full contact of both lips.

If this were real, would you take advantage of this exciting offer if it was done in private and nobody would ever find out afterwards?

Hmmm… mouthwash and alcohol are pretty cheap these days…

But my self-respect is not. I’d have to decline until we started talking six figures (I can always hire a good therapist at that point!)


It depends. Is this done in private or in the middle of a busy street?

For $1000 I’ll kiss your ass if nobody else knows about it.

For $10,000 I’ll kiss your ass and you can tell people I did it, but no pictures.

For $100,000 you can take pictures.

For $1,000,000 you can film it, put it on Youtube, and I’ll wear a T-shirt every weekend for a month with a picture of me doing it.

Hells yeah. Anytime, anyplace.
No need for privacy - in fact I wouldn’t object to a line forming of individuals with cash in hand. :stuck_out_tongue:

As I said in the OP, it would be done in private and nobody would ever know.

So, I guess 1,000, then? :slight_smile:

Depends: how recently have you showered vs. how recently have you taken a dump

If it’s just *on *the cheek, and not *in between *the cheeks, and no one is going to know about it, sure.

With the condition that your cheeks are clean. You can’t spread shit all over them just before I go in for the kill.

ON the cheek? Sure. 'Tween the cheeks? Oh, hells no!

Yeah, guys…just ON a cheek, heh. A clean, freshly-washed cheek.

Put the money on the table first.

I misread the OP and thought it was an offer to kick your ass.

I definitely would, on the cheek. Not between the cheeks tho.

I don’t care about privacy. We can do it on TV as long as I gets paid!

Ass cheek?


I would without hesitation. Hell, my job is more unpleasant than that would be, and I do that for $15 an hour.

Tbh, I’d be willing to go a lot further for that $1000.


I don’t need the buxx that bad.

A thousand bucks isn’t quite enough. I wouldn’t need six figures, but once we start talking about money that could pay for a couple of mortgage payments (about 3500 total) I would start considering it. For five grand I’d do it in private where nobody would find out. For 15 or 20 grand I’d consider doing it in public.

Are you in Flagstaff or Phoenix? If I have to pay for gas, that would make a difference.

I would not kiss your arse for £3.47.

Throw in a candy bar and I’d consider it.

I can beat RickJay’s prices on these services…