Would you rather be... (game!)

Very simple, and I’m sure we’ve done this before. But I feel like a game!

Answer the post above, and then present your own 2 situations that follow “Would you rather be…”

Would you rather be…

  • Hated by many, but loved by one


  • Hated by no one, but loved by just as many

I’ll go with hated by many, but loved by one. Who cares what other people think as long as you have the love of one misguided individual?

Would you rather be…

God for a day


King for a lifetime?

I believe that kings exist, so king for a lifetime.
Would you rather be exceedingly beautiful but extremely dumb, or exceeding ugly but extremely brilliant?

The second one is already working out for me so I’ll stick with it.

Would you rather be to understand all spoken language or all written language?

Spoken. Not everybody who has something to say has the ability to write it down.

Would you rather be alive now or then? and which then?

Understand them

Would you rather be able to see the most microscopic things and not hear, or hear remarkably and not see?

I’d rather be able to see and not hear. I am already about halfway there so it wouldnt be too huge a leap.

Would you rather be well educated but poor, or rich but dumb as bricks?

Well educated but poor, because stupid rich people seldom do anything interesting with their money.

Would you rather be with someone who loves you to distraction but treats you rudely, or someone who always treats you with exquisite courtesy but does not love you?

Treated with courtesy by someone who doesn’t love me. What they think of me is their business. How they treat me is my business.

Linty, I think you forgot something…

:smack: :smack: :smack:

OK, you’re in love with whom you think is the perfect partner. Would you rather risk a relationship with her and find out s/he’s less than what you expected, or would you rather keep it to yourself as a perfect love that exists only in your heart?

I would definitely risk the relationship - better than pining your whole life for someone who turns out to be less than perfect.

Would you rather be in a job that you hate that pays obscenely well, or in a job that you love that leaves you scraping to pay the bills?