Would you sleep with this man?

I just don’t see it, but I’m not really his target audience. Take a look here at David Dean Smith, who has allegedly slept with thousands of people.

Here’s why:

Smith is alleged to have set out to sleep with as many people as possible, supposedly got thousands to sleep with him, in an effort to infect others with HIV. Police believe he may have passed his infection to as many as three hundred women and men.

Story here.

Is he gay?

He seemed to be indiscriminate, sexing up whoever would have him. The first article I saw mentioned that he liked to inflict pain on women, so he may have been sadistic. No idea what his natural leanings were, if any. Also on my first read I didn’t see any mention of how he contracted the virus.

Only in prison, after being beaten unconscious.

I can honestly say that I would not bed him nor any man. However, I have had friends that played the high numbers game. It can be done as long as you aren’t hideous but you have to be both single-minded in purpose and quite undiscriminating. I was impressed with some of the numbers people told me until I saw some of the examples. No thanks. I want to see a photo lineup of his alleged victims before I make any more judgments.

I don’t have sex with people I’m not already in a relationship with. He doesn’t seem the relationship type.

Sometimes it pays to be old fashioned.

Well, I’m sure he did “set out to sleep with as many people as possible.” And I have no problems believing that he claims he had sex with thousands of women. Frankly, he sounds like a crazy person wildly exaggerating his sex life. Which is not an uncommon occurence.

I wouldn’t have done him but, like Rushgeekgirl, I’m naturally pretty conservative about who I let in my bubble.

I don’t understand the mindset of intentionally infecting so many others. He must be one pissed off dude.


ick - I know it’s not nice to judge by looks, but I’d probably cross the street to avoid an encounter with him. Getting nekkid and sweaty with him would never happen. ick

Maybe he slept with them because he was tired, really, really tired.
You know, like totally fucked.

All this means is his standards are low, and nothing more.

Very likely all 300, were in some bar, half drunk, at closing time. Looks have nothing to do with it, nor does smooth or personality. He just needs to target the easy marks, like drunk fat chicks, old fags, the disabled, any of the disenfranchised, actually. Suddenly 300 doesn’t seem so undoable, does it?

And to think a little part of me felt mean when based on his photo alone, my response was “Ew, no.”

Of course I’ll sleep with him. How am I supposed to get MY numbers up into the thousands if I’m picky?

Lots of mean gusy get play precisely because they’re abusive, and some straight women & gay men either foolishly find that exciting or mistakenly it’s what they deserve.

Lotta typos above. It should read

*Lots of mean **guys get play precisely because they’re abusive; **some straight women & gay men either foolishly find that exciting or mistakenly **think *it’s what they deserve.

I am not into casual sex, and I don’t find that guy attractive even if I were. He’s not ugly, but he is not my type. By which I mean, he looks like a gay “bear” to me, and I’m female.

But I can definitely imagine that if the guy was going out there with an intentional purpose of trying to get revenge on the world for his HIV infection, that he could have found a lot of people to sleep with. The internet makes it easier than ever for horny people to find each other after all.

Sad story. It does show that you never know what kind of freaks are out there looking to prey on people and it’s important to be very careful.

I know I read in one of the articles that he slept with men as well as women. I suspect a large portion of the hundreds or thousands of people he slept with were men, since it seems quite easy to find a quick male-male hookup on craigslist, etc.

Where are you partying?

I spent a lot of time in bars over the years. Maybe I’m just too damn picky, but even though standards tend to lower in direct proximity to closing time, it’s not like any person can just walk into a bar, point to one of the remaining dregs and say “booya! Let’s get it on!”

The article said over a three year period the guy tried to sleep with as many women as possible. Well, unless he was banging chicks/dudes 3 at a time every night, I don’t see him getting up into the thousands. Basic math.

I can’t say that he would make the short list of men I’d be willing to sleep with.