Would your spouse be upset if you went to a nudie bar?

Lately, I have been having tons of fun going to strip clubs with friends. We get tipsy, stumble into the titty/dong bar, drink some more, have a blast, stumble out, move on to the next bar, and repeat until it’s time to make our way home. I would say in the past year, we’ve done this about ten times. My husband doesn’t mind too much, in fact, the thinks it’s a little silly.

Anyway, every now and again, we’ll attempt to bring a new dude into the fold and he’ll say his wife would kill him/not approve/cry/make him sleep on the sofa/etc if he went to the strip club and declines to go. This, of course, surprises most of us. I mean, I wouldn’t want my husband to start going to the nudie bar on a regular basis by himself. I wouldn’t stop him, but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be more than a little concerned. If he started going with a gang of friends, though, I’d have nary a problem with it.

So I ask you, would you be upset if your spouse wanted to go to a nudie bar? Why? If you went to a strip club with a bunch of friends, do you think your spouse would be upset? Again, why?

I would care less if she wanted to go to a nudie bar. She’s a bit of a prude so I doubt she will ever go, sober or not. I’m not really sure how she would react if I went. On one hand she lets me pretty much do whatever I want but I also know how she is.

My wife would not approve.

Once a month you get inebriated and visit strip joints? And how old are you?

Well, my husband and I share a philosophy that it’s important to be a generous tipper, right? So if either of us went to a nudie bar, he’d have to spend a lot of money. And that would seem wasteful to both of us. It’s not like a “not allowed” thing, and more a “we both think that’s too expensive” thing.

And also, I’d don’t think I’d like him doing something so sexual without me, nor would I enjoy doing something so sexual without him. If I am going to get all wound up, I want him around to grab, and if I am not going to get wound up, what the hell am I spending all this money on?

Leaffan , that seemed like a condescending response.

I don’t mind those places but I do mind giving my money away like that so I usually don’t go. But it would seem a safer place for a guy (at least) to be because most of the patrons are guys too.

Consider that he might not want to go and just uses his wife as an excuse. I use my wife as excuse when someone invites me to a function I don’t really wish to attend. “Wish I could come but the wife and I have plans that day.”

If did what you do on a regular basis my wife probably wouldn’t be to happy. If she did it on a regular basis I wouldn’t be to happy.


My wife has openly expressed to me that she doesn’t mind if I go, and she really means that when she says it. However, I’ve only been once in the time we’ve been together. I find most strip clubs to be fairly wasteful of money and more comical than erotic in terms of entertainment value.

I don’t know if she’d feel differently if it was something I really wanted to do all the time.

If my wife got shit-faced noisily drunk and staggered around a bunch of grotty bars - or the public library, or an art gallery, for that matter - with a bunch of her friends on a regular basis and considered it amusing we’d have words about her idea of entertainment. If I did the same I’d expect no less from her.

My husband has been to strip clubs with the guys, we’ve been together (with a group of people) and he’s even acted as the designated driver when I was at one of those sales parties at someone’s house and it turned into a “let’s all go to the male strip club!” party (those parties rarely turn out that well). We used to live right near Myrtle Beach, so I think strip clubs are part of the whole going-out thing there. I can’t think of any of my girlfriends or the couples that we knew that didn’t go or didn’t allow it, and these were all pretty conservative, white-bread professionals (many of whom regularly attended very conservative churches).

I couldn’t care less if he wants to spend the occasional evening there. It would bother me if it became such a regular thing that the expense was out of hand.

My wife doesn’t mind as long as I tell her all about it afterwards.

Anyway, I haven’t been to one of those places several years. Too expensive.

Same here… although I can think of better things to spend my money on than tired old strippers hanging off a pole in a dingy club :dubious:

I went to see stripping firemen and my fiance didn’t mind. There was even baby oil. Good times. Good times…

Where was I? Oh yes. I wouldn’t have a problem with my fiance going to a strip club either.

My husband would want have my head examined since it’d be such an obvious about-face from my attitude about it. I think it’s silly and a waste of money, and just not terribly interesting. I also definitely wouldn’t want to get seriously drunk at one.

I’d also wonder what the hell happened to my husband to change his mind so completely if he wanted to get drunk and hit up the strip clubs. The last time he was at one for a bachelor’s party (years ago), he was having more fun just sitting and chatting with the covered-up dancers between their sets, while the other guys in the group stared and wondered why he was getting the attention. (Maybe because he wasn’t treating them like they were pieces of meat.)

My wife wouldn’t mind if I went for something like a bachelor party, in fact I’ve done that before. But she would mind if I was doing it a few times a month or regularly at all. My brother like them and he goes, I’m not clear if his wife knows. I find strip clubs very depressing.

I’m guessing my boyfriend wouldn’t be thrilled, but like several people have mentioned, he might be as upset about the regular getting wasted as he would about the strip clubs.

I wouldn’t mind so much. It strikes me that one is actually considerably *less * likely to get some strange after an evening in a strip club than after an evening at any given dance club. IME, strippers aren’t especially interested in having sex with random patrons. The coeds on Landsdowne however, are givin’ it away free.

If I started going to strip clubs regularly, my wife would think I was not getting enough sex and ::evil chuckle:: hmmm, maybe I should start going to strip clubs…

I think that I wouldn’t mind and neither would she, technically, but it’s out of character for both of us and that would be more of the concern, not the actual strip-club-attending.

I wouldn’t like it, especially if dancer / patron contact was as prevalent as it was back when I went to titty bars as a single male. As a matter of fact, if there was that type of contact (dry humping and fondling), the relationship would be in serious jeapordy. I wouldn’t even consider doing it if in a relationship, even in a strictly look and no touch club myself.

Most places are look and don’t touch, unless you’re willing to pay for the touch. Being willing to pay for the touch would be the dealbreaker for me. But again, in any random nightclub, you’re likely to find a fair amount of dry-humping and fondling.

Frankly, I don’t really enjoy getting drunk – and certainly not on a regular basis – so the scenario you talk about would be a moot point. I think my wife would be more upset over the drinking than the strip bars.

Would she let me? I only went to one once, and I ended up telling her about it. It was a great story, and since nothing at a strip bar could top that, I have little interest in returning. I don’t think she’d be happy if I went on a regular basis.

I think it’s a question of context and frequency, really. If it’s a bachelor/bachelorette type of thing, and it’s maybe once a year, no problems at all for either me or my man.

But if it becomes a regular outing, just because of boredom, then I think there’s a problem.