Your spouse calls you from a strip joint...

My husband sells health insurance to self-employed people, and people who don’t have insurance through their jobs. A great number of his clients are entertainers, including exotic dancers/strippers. The other day, he had an appointment at a strip joint, talking with one of the guys who runs the place. As husband went to get a glass of water from the bar, he overheard this:

Young dude: Ok! Give me the name of a bar. I’m going to call my wife but I don’t want her to know I’m in a strip club!

Dave chuckled a little. When he left the building, he called me and said:

“I’m in a strip joint watching a naked woman dance right in front of me.”

What would your response be?

“Does that mean you’ll be late getting home?”

I trust my hubby, and while he has little interest in going to strip clubs, it wouldn’t bother me if he did, as long as it didn’t seem like he was using it as a substitute for intimacy with me.

“What a coincidence, I am currently dancing naked for tips!”

Really, I don’t know. I would probably ask why he felt the need to call me and tell me that and if the dancers were not entertaining enough to keep him from popping outside to make a phone call. If he explained the story about the other guy lying to his wife I would probably be less confused. :slight_smile:

What norinew said. If I’m so insecure that I would fly off the handle if my husband called from a strip club, that says more about me than it does about him.


My response, for the record, was “Okay”. I’m not a fan of strip joints and I know he’s not either, but I don’t care if he wants to go to one. It’s not as though he’s there having sex.

hell, I have gone with mrAru to strip clubs. Boring actually. Now if I oculd get a little actual action out of the deal that would be different…

The only times that he has gone to strip clubs were usually things like going away or bachelor parties for guys in his division. The only reason we used to go watch strippers was Fort Story’s enlisted club had 5 cent wing and 25 cent beer night and teh entertainment was teh strippers. Can you tell this was back in the totally non PC 80s?

[back when you could still get a tshirt on base that had a sub launcing, a mushroom cloud and a miller beer can and the saying 24 empty missile tubes, its miller time]

“I know. I just saw you leave.”

“Can you call back later? I’m fucking the mailman.”

I like this one best.

“Which one? Let me get my wallet.”

I love strippers. It’s a weakness.

Either “I just got out of the shower and forgot to close the shades” or “Don’t forget to pick up milk on your way home”.

Don’t make something seem like a forbidden fruit, and it won’t be so tempting…

“Put your clothes back on and come home.”

“Which one?”

Then I’d call up some friends and be sure we went to a different one. If I wasn’t already invited, then it’s obviously Boys’ Night. That’s cool. I’ll go hang out with my boys.

Just something flip and, hopefully, humorous, like some of the other posters. Slight hijack…does your husband happen to work for Mega Life? That’s what my husband was doing…thankfully, he’s not anymore!

I thought you said the drinks were expensive and the pool tables sucked.

Either “and why wasn’t I invited?” or “are they hot?” Meh.

My response? “Aw! No fair!” I’d probably rib him about it a bit too over the next few days.

I know: even over the phone I can hear you smirking between dignified sips of your dignified peach and lime daiquiri.

(“But It Would be Better if you Do”, P(still with the !)atD)

“Are you asking for forgiveness or for permission?”

And holy crap, it is good to see you back, Olentzero.

“Tell your mom I said hi.” :smiley: