Wouldn't it be sexier for one partner to act as a "succubus"?

Instead of the old “turkey baster method”? Even better if the “succubus”'s mark isn’t in on it (of course, the “succubus” would have to render herself infertile).




Surprisingly, I know exactly what the OP is talking about. That freaks me out.

Mind explaining for the rest of us?

You want be to bring the sexy?
Oh, Daddy will BRING the sexy.

Take THAT with ya There’s a lil more sexy at ya OOZING with sexy and last, but CERTAINLY not least more sexy .
There, better than any of your succubussusses.

Well, I am assuming that this OP belonged to another thread, though I haven’t tracked it down yet.

It’s about lesbians having kids. Why use a turkey baster, when one of the partners could seduce a man (the mark), have him ejaculate inside of her, and then transfer that sperm (via some sexy method, I’m sure) into her partner, rather than the rather antiseptic donor/ turkey baster cliche. Of course, the seducer would need to be infertile to avoid pregnancy via the hetero sex…which would likely be the easiest way to get pregnant at all, but sort of ruins the whole ‘lesbian’ thing. Voila! Instant sexy lesbian conception.
Now, ask me how I know this. I dare you.

How long is sperm viable? I have this wonderful mental image of the er, “recipient” jumping up immediately after coitus, and going, “Wow! that was (gag!) great! OK, I gotta go home now!” Then running out the door, sound of footsteps double-timing down the front walk, sound of a motor roaring to life, and then tires squealing.
And how would you extract the mess, anyway?
Turkey baster?

Knowing you, I have absolutely no desire to ask how you came across this knowledge. Nuh-uh. Don’t want to know.

Jealousy prevents me.

If you’re going that way, why not have the man ejaculate into the one wishing to be pregnant and skip the transfer altogether?

Err… did I just say something really stupid?

I got the OP too, I blame porn.

I think giving the man head and then not swallowing would be much easier than allowing him to ejaculate inside of her. But even that route seems silly. Why not just let the man ejaculate inside the women who wants to become pregnant? Oh wait, I remember.

Now, this might be hard for you to understand so I’ll say it slowly.

They don’t want to have sex with men.

Because then both partners wouldn’t be involved. This way, both women would be the biological mother, in a way.

Nope. I just thought the thread would be more fun (and discourage immediate flamming) if I didn’t spell everything out and relied on people’s knowledge of what a “succubus” is.

No shit. You did read Stonebow’s account though?

Thanks pizzabrat. That makes sense.

It should, considering your explanation is bascially verbatim what I meant to imply, down to the softly deragatory description of the turkey-baster method (“antiseptic”).

[Quote=Daithi Lacha]
And how would you extract the mess, anyway?
Turkey baster?


I understand it just oozes back out, naturally.

And to answer the inverse question - kegels.

At the risk of being inappropriate –

That’s hawt.

Am I understanding correctly that we’re talking about making a father out of an unwitting stooge? That oogs me out. Please tell me that’s not common. It strikes me as criminal (I don’t know if it’s illegal, I’m saying in my universe it would be).

I also don’t know what the ‘sexy’ method to get the sperm from one woman to the other would be. The only thing I can think of is a turkey baster again.

OK, strike the second part. Oozing sperm doesn’t do it for me, but hey. I’d be worried about the viability going ‘across the transom,’ as it were.