WoW Recovering Addict Falls off the Wagon

So it’s been about nine months since I cancelled my World of Warcraft account. I thought I’d never play the game again, I was so tired of it.

But that turns out not to be the case. I reactivated two days ago and, after a fairly despiriting visit with my sole Lvl 60 (a NE Rogue) on a PvE server, made a character on a new PvP server and played for quite a while.

So my question is, since I don’t want my Lvl 60 to be a total loss, what is there that I can take him to see that’s new since November 2005?

More generally, what’s the state of the world? What classes have been improved the most (I’m playing a brand-new hunter at the moment)?
As a side note, I don’t think I’ve had an online experience quite so unsettling as logging back in with my L60 and seeing not a soul that I know in IF. And the place is weirdly quiet. There are just as many people around, it seems, but no chatter at all. Barely even any sales pitches. I don’t know whether the PvE server has gone comatose or what (it’s Uther, in case anybody cares). I got out of there quick-like.

I used to play on Uther. I transferred to Muradin but will transfer off again when our turn comes up. I left pve for pvp and love it. It puts all the excitement back into it. Yeah everything is harder, but the action never stops. To be sucessful, you really need to be in a good raiding guild. Not the best, but just one that raids. There are lots of powerhouse players that wander the world looking to pk.

Most of the new contient is high end stuff. AQ and the new scourge zone thing. They’ve also added new armor quests to upgrade your old class sets to new ones.

Generally pretty much the same. The scourge are attacking cities and such.

Population is just getting more mature (definitely not in age) but rather in experience. I assume it’s just the newness of the game wearing off.