Writing a good email introduction

Over the last month, I’ve been doing a lot of networking and one thing that’s lead to is a lot of introductions. People have promised to introduce me to people they know and I’ve promised to introduce other people to people I know.

I’ve written a couple of introductions so far but they still feel awkward to write so I was wondering if anyone had tips about writing a good introduction. I think the main problems are that I’m not used to writing an email addressed to two different audiences at once and I’m also not sure how much to say about each person.

My usual format if I want to introduce Bob to Steve goes something like this:

To: Steve
CC: Bob

Hi Steve,

Long time, no see blah blah. I want to introduce you to Bob, Bob has done a bunch of stuff that I’m describing from memory. Bob is currently doing X and is looking for Y and I figured you would be a good fit.

Hi Bob,

Steve is doing X, Y & Z and he’s also really into hobby A. I think you would really benefit from knowing him.


Is that a decent intro? Do you have any tips on how to improve it?