WTF is the girl saying in Weezer's 'Beverly Hills'?

In the chorus there’s a sample of a girl saying something, but damned if I can figure out what it is. I can’t stand to listen to the song because it annoys me so much that I can’t figure it out.

I spot-checked a few lyrics sites, but the ones I looked at didn’t seem to say. Sounds kind of like “be me” or “believe me”.

I thought she was saying “Do me, do me!”

I always heard it as “Living”

Living, Living,
Living in Beverly Hills.

But one site I just checked quoted: Gimme. I’m not so sure.

Sounds more like “Gimme” that “living” or “do me” (or what I mentioned in the OP). Could be that’s it.

I think it’s “beverly”. Split up like Bev-er-ly.

In the sheet music in this month’s issue of Guitar World, it’s written as “Can you gimme”. I think it sounds more like “gimme gimme”, which I guess makes sense in the context of the song.

I thought you might be right, but I listened again and it doesn’t sound like it.

I’m going crazy now Revtim, because I can’t listen to it at work and I am dying to find out. I was positive that it was “beverly”.


FYI, looks like you can listen to it and even watch the video here:

Yet another vote for “gimme gimme”.

It could be “can you” gimme, that part it kinda stepped on by the music and nearly impossible to hear, at least on what I’m listening to it on.

Revtim, I’m glad you’ve opened this discussion. It’s driving me crazy, and I almost started a thread of my own. (I really like this song, by the way.)

Too bad there’s really no hope of us getting a definitive answer, unless a member of Weezer happens to be lurking.

Anybody know a member of the band?

This site claims it’s gimme: - WARNING: Pop up hell, as with most lyrics sites.

Upon further review, I believe the mystery lyric to be:

“I’m living”

Beverly Hills, That’s where I want to be! (I’m living, I’m living)
Living in Beverly Hills.

Sounds more like “Gimme” than “I’m Living”. Too much of an open “ee” sound at the end, and I can detect no v sound.

When they played the song at Coachella Festival, of course there was no girl on stage, so we the audience took it upon ourselves to fill in the blanks. I thought it was “Jimmy” or “Gimme” but I heard a lot of “Living” being shouted out.

About the closest I’ve seen to official word is by Karl, weezer’s webmaster and photographer, found here.
He mentions different versions of “Beverly Hills” floating around with the “gimme gimme” lyrics sung by male and female voices.

So, it seems to be “gimmie gimmie”.