X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer



Not enough Dinklage and Fassbender.

By definition.

Awesome. So so awesome.

One of the best trailers I’ve seen in years. Incredibly emotional, which is such an unusual approach for a comic book or science fiction trailer.

Captain America’s trailer looked more “kick butt” to me, but this seems to have a deeper, more epic look to it. I am indeed intrigued. I liked Singer’s work in the first two movies and First Class was really good too, if they can tap into that it will be quite a show.

Is the plot of this movie a story line from the comics or completely new?

Comics. The basic outline of the comic series is on Wikipedia if you want to look it up.

No one’s really sure how closely the movie hews to it.

One of the few comic book story lines I remember more than 20 years later. It was pretty remarkable at the time. Still my favorite.

I didn’t see any Sentinels.

Blink is in this movie! :smiley:

I must have missed her.

So when the story first came out, the “future” was 2013? That’s kinda cool. Time travel stories always confuse me though.

Not as gigantic as the comic version, but there will indeedbe Sentinels.

Reportedly the special effects aren’t done yet, which is why it’s got all drama and dialogue rather than action sequences.

From the director of Superman Returns!

I’m not a fan of Singer’s work. I don’t think he’s done anything special with the franchise from the get go. He’s far too conservative in keeping the comics out of comic book movies, and that was clear right from the generic black leather uniforms. And then that Superman movie were he doesn’t punch anything and has stalker deadbeat dad issues… Any Hollywood contemporary of his could have made equal or better X-Men movies. Hell, they replaced him with Brett Ratner for the third one, and that could’ve passed the Folger’s Crystals Challenge. McG might of well made the first two. Michael Bay would have arguably done better, and I consider that an indictment. People also like to credit Singer with starting this golden age of comic book movies, and he doesn’t even deserve that – the superior Blade (1999) deserves those kudos as it was the proof of concept that audiences would take the comics seriously. And yeah, he wore black leather, but unlike the X-Men he’s been a plainclothes guy from the beginning.

It’s too bad they couldn’t get Mathew Vaughn back.

Ok, thats pretty cool.

I remember getting the issuefor the first time and getting chills looking at it. Seeing “slain” plastered over beloved characters made me sit up and take notice.

Here’s a screencap someone posted:

She doesn’t have pink skin like in the comics, but between her hair and the diamond on her forehead that’s got to be her.

I am disappointed that it looks like Wolverine is taking Kitty Pryde’s place as the time traveling consciousness. They really had a chance to FURTHER prove the franchise didn’t need to focuson Wolverine, but it looks like they got spooked. Originally Wolverine wasn’t more than a cameo in the movie and now suddenly he looks to be the lead. I’d love for this to be a big fakeout and have them kill Wolverine in the same way he died in the comics, and then go to a plan B.