Y: The Last Man Fan Film

This is really pretty well done. I always wanted to see this become an HBO or Cable series. This proves it is easily filmable.

For those who never read the comic, the premise is pretty simple: a plague kills every male mammal except a guy named Yorick and his monkey Ampersand.

That is well done. I’ve read the series, and this is a good adaptation of the start of the story. I’ll look forward to more, if they do it; but I agree: it would make a fine series for TV.

Holy. Shit.


Add me to the list of those who want a more episodic version of this story than a movie. Very well done for what it is!

I agree that the story would be a good fit for HBO or AMC.

A link from that page leads to an announcement that Neil Gaiman is doing more Sandman? Awesome!

Oh, I would like a Y series too.