Yay!! I'm going to get married!

I have lots of details to work out, not the least of which is who the bride’s going to be.

I’ll get back to you as I know more.


You’ve heard of “The boy who cried ‘Wolf!’”, right? Keep doing that, and no one will congratulate you when you DO get married!
Aw, whattheheck, congratulations on your plans to eventually get married :slight_smile: LOL

Damn, when Texans get Spring Fever, they mean Bidness!

Well… I have been thinking about the possibility of getting married again but you’re going to have to be the woman Jim. How do you look in a sundress? Can you make a good tuna salad? What are you bringing to the martial table besides a beer gut and a “Hale fellow! Well met!” attitude?

mnemosyne, thanks. This isn’t exactly a cry wolf, more of a work in progress, so you are the first with a congratualtions.
elelle, yep, we do. The position of bride is open if you’re interested.
astro, sorry, I’m not a woman, look horible in a sundress, and don’t even like tuna salad. But, some candidates for bride might show up, so hang around.

I seem to be sorta at a standstill on most of the details of the wedding, not having a bride and all. I may be able to get some of the details out of the way.

I think I’ll have it in June, that’s a good month for weddings. I don’t think I’ll pick a date yet though.

I’ll have to work on this.


Congratulations, Lord Jim!

I realize that you’re not really going to be into planning much of the ceremony until the proper bride is located and gets the lowdown on your plans for June… but, you could always go ahead and order some flowers. Those’ll probably be a pretty safe bet for the wedding shindig.

Better pick up some champagne, too, just to get a taste for the kind you’ll want for your ceremony. It’s for the best.

Married is a good idea. I think you should. I liked being married so much that I stayed married for 12 years.
Then I found out what I really wanted was a husband.
Cyn, who will be divorced 6 years in November.

Congratulations, Lord Jim. If you do manage to find a bride, my parents are wedding videographers in Forney. I’ll hook you up with them.

Well, Jim, my friend. You know I’m always available for you.

For wedding planning help, of course. :wink: You’ll have to find your own bride, or perhaps she’ll come find you. June is a good month. Yes, I like June. And if you can’t settle on a date, my birthday is that month, I’d be glad to share that date. And I know you’re not big on champagne, so I’d be happy to help you choose the proper one, as Katie suggests. [sub]smiles innocently[/sub]

I thought about listing all of your many attributes, at least the ones I know about, but then I thought not. It will be more fun for said future bride to discover such things herself. I do feel compelled to mention a couple of things about you, though.

Ladies, and all interested parties, My buddy Jim has gorgeous-get-lost-in-forever-drown-in-them blue, blue eyes. And, when we can get him to tuck in his shirts, you can see he’s got a very cute tush. He likes hugs and he smiles a lot. The rest you’ll have to find out for yourself, or email me, and I’ll tell you what else I know from being one of his close friends. :smiley:

In my Dallas days, people from Grapevine were always a little bit wierd. It is nice to see that nothing has changed.

Amen to that! So Jim…what’s your plan for catching a bride?

Thanks, Katie, I guess I could get going on the flowers, but I may need help with that. And testing the alcohol is always a good idea.
Cyn, I was married for almost 30 years and been divorced for 4 or 5, I can’t keep track, but I never wanted a husband.
Thanks, Throatshot, I’ll let you know as I nail the date down.
LouisB, I’ve always found that to be true, myself.
purrp, thanks for the offer of help with the planning and especially the champagne tasting. And thanks for the list of attributes, never can tell when things like that can come in handy.
kittenblue, there are dozens of potential brides out there, it’s just a matter of finding where they hide and capturing one. I think I can track them down soon.

May I volunteer my services as the bride ?

Yes I know I’m married already, but heck you wouldn’t hold that against me would you, it’s such a little detail.

The LIONsob says he will be the best man. The fact he is my husband is just another of those small details. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Ayesha, you were tops on my list in the first place, but until we can work out those little details, I’m going to keep hunting. Just in case, you understand.

Anybody else reminded of the News Radio episode where Jimmy James declares he getting married and tries to woe the auditor before 5 p.m. The dealbreaker was vacations in Hawaii.

So huntin’ the dealbreaker for you, Lord Jim?

I’ve been married. Twice.

I’ve been divorced. Twice.

My recommendation to you: Either a Labrador Retreiver or an 18-foot bass boat.

'Course, you may get luckier than I did, but my dog doesn’t snore, and my boat doesn’t mind being left under a tarp in the back yard when I’m not using it.

Nice to see romance isn’t dead dad :smiley:

Unless you are working to a deadline, you probably won’t put your full effort into the task. Go out and book the wedding and reception now, then use this deadline to motivate you to find a bride.


Can I be the Maid-Of Honor? I have OODLES and OODLES of practice!

Failing THAT, maybe I could be the Best (not Man) Person? I’ve never done THAT one before!:slight_smile:

Homebrew, I can see that continuous bride huntin’ could turn out to be a dealbreaker, I’ll be careful.
Rysdad, been married and divorced 3 times, a Lab & a bass boat aren’t bad ideas, although I guess Sue doesn’t see the romance in that.
You are probably right, Muffin. I work best under pressure.
Scotti, if I can’t entice you into being a candidate for bride, then Best Person is all yours.

So much to do. A honeymoon to plan, travel arrangements, I can see where some organizational skills could come in handy for this.