YAY! to Shayna and Spiny Norman!

I got the best surprise today! Shayna and Spiny Norman sent me a CARE package from Trader Joe’s!

A can of French Roast, a quart of soy milk, Cocoa Almonds, Curry Simmer Sauce, Thai Green Curry Simmer Sauce, Spiced Chai Latte, and a nice birthday card! Completely unexpected; and much appreciated, since the nearest Trader Joe’s is 50 miles away.

Shayna and Spiny Norman, you guys are THE BEST!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

What a great gift! Is it your birthday?

Happy Birthday Johnny L.A.


And thanx! :slight_smile:

I went into town to watch a film an acquaintance of mine made. (Beat Angel, about the spirit of Jack Kerouac who comes back to Earth in the guise of a bum to inspre a cynical writer.) Since my best fiend and I had some time, and since I hadn’t eaten, we stopped of at a Mexican restaurant. Spiny Norman called as I was finishing my carne asada.

Talk about good friends! Shayna and Spiny looked through my past Trader Joe’s posts to find out what I liked, and also the Curry Recipe thread I posted recently, so they could send me the perfect gift. :cool:

I’m not surprised that they did this. It sounds like something they’d do.

A couple of years ago, the SDMB did a white elephant exchange and I never got one and was a little ticked. Not because I didn’t get one, but because I thought it was a little rude of the doper who drew me to never even acknowledge that he/she wasn’t sending one. Anyhoo, a couple of weeks later I received an unexpected white elephant from Spiny Norman and Shayna. It was all silly really, but it made my day! I went through it and laughed at the stuff they found (out-of-date calendars, magnets, multiple bottle openers, lapel pins, cat toys). They even took the time to wrap every item in the box. Plus, they also included several boxes of lime green jello just because they know it’s my favorite.

Happy Birthday Johnny L.A.! Movies, mexican food, and presents. It sounds like you’ve had a good birthday so far.

Well, Spiny Norman and Shayna certainly gave you a better gift than I did. [see GQ] :smack: I’m sorry again Johnny L.A. I hope you had a good birthday anyway.

[btw: very cool website]

Thanks for the thought, gum. :slight_smile:

The Turner site? I used to love it when I had Turner Classic Movies. I’m sorry it moved into another cable package.

Ah, No. I meant your website, Johnny L.A.. Good to see another filmmaker who loves zombie movies. :slight_smile:

Johnny L. A.:

I had a feeling you weren’t watching Die Another Day. :wink:

Happy Birthday!

gum: On, my site! Thanks. I keep meaning to get some pictures for the Éclair NPR manual, so that people who visit the site and need a manual can see what the manual is talking about. Been too lazy though. Funny thing: I’ve found that the NPR manual I transcribed is showing up on other people’s sites – without attribution. Oh, well. I typed it all out from the photocopy I got with the camera. But at least I gave credit to the original!

Yeah, zombies are fun. Zombie! vs. Mardi Gras is said to be the worst film ever made. You wouldn’t believe the vitriol most critics write! They just didn’t “get it”. It’s supposed to be the way it is! Or maybe they can’t wrap their minds around a Goddardian zombie film. :wink:

*The Christian Science Monitor and Film Threat liked it though. (The Film Threat site seems to be down at the moment.)

cmkeller: I thought about watching Die Another Day! :smiley:

  • hope you had a good one. Ever stopped to consider that your life’s registered on the SDMB, down to your grocery preferences ? :slight_smile:

That’s pretty scary, Spiny. :eek:

Amilate? Amilate??

Congratulations, Mister LA, Johnny for friends. You don’t look a day over 23, sir! :slight_smile: