I will not reply to the Aaarrrggghhh! thread.
<font size=-1>I will not reply to the Aaarrrggghhh! thread. </font>
<font size=-1 color=gray>I will not reply to the Aaarrrggghhh! thread.</font>
<font size=-2 color=gray>I will not reply to the Aaarrrggghhh! thread.</font>
<font size=-2 color=white>I will not reply to the Aaarrrggghhh! thread.</font>


I called my bookie, and he’s giving me 40:1 against your staying off the Aaarrrggghhh! thread.
As much as I admire your resolve, I had to put down a C note.

I think 43:1 are the standard odds. :slight_smile:


Now, about this gambling thing: I hope you guys have fun placing bets while you…

A five spot says hell doesn’t exist.

After reading ARG220’s posts, I have to admit that I have changed my mind about the existence of hell. It exists in any forum in which ARG220 decides to debate.

Slythe, I wish you’d spent that C note to hire a lady of the evening to seduce ARG220. He says hes a virgin and doesn’t understand why anyone would prefer a heaven with sex than one without it. I think it would be an interesting experiment. You could open a whole new book on bets: Will ARG220s asexual religious views change once he experiences sex? Will he decide he has found something better to do with his time and disappear from the message board? Will he convert to LDS so that he can have sex after he dies? Will he forsake his superreligious beliefs in order to indulge in a life of rampant hedonism?

I think it would be pretty interesting to compare the ‘before’ and ‘after’ ARG.


Ok, here’s what I said:

OF COURSE I understand why people would want a heaven where you could have sex. Sheesh.

 Coosa: I hope that whole post of yours was a joke. But in case it wasn't, let me tell you one thing: No amount of money will pursuade me to sleep with ANYONE before I'm married. Sex was designed by God to be used ONLY inside of marriage. And I'm PROUD to say that I'm a virgin, and that I've waited for my future wife. (Whoever she may be)


slythe, see the “Aaarrrggghhh!!!” thread. You just won $100! Although, I must commend quadell on his/her post. Well put! That makes twice today that you’ve impressed me!

Oops, my bad. Quadell actually replied to the “Hey, ARG! Over here!” thread, which can be argued to be a continuation of the “Aaarrrggghhh!!!” thread. Maybe you can get $50 out of it, slythe.

I wouldn’t be a member of any hell that would accept someone like me.

Are you sure about that, Thor? We will, after all, have weenie roasts and s’mores.

“We’re gonna have lawyers here. It’ll be a fun time.”

ARG: Take Reading Comprehension 101 - I didn’t mention offering you any money at all. As you have often complained of others twisting your words, perhaps you would care to read things carefully and refrain from doing the same?

Although the idea that anyone would offer you money to have sex is pretty funny. Don’t think I know many guys with that big an ego!


I said:

 In response to this, you say:
 I don't think I need to say anything more. Except that we all know who's twisting who's words around here. Coosa, my point was that nothing could make me give up my virginity before marriage. It's too important to me. Do you understand now?

 I just reread my post, and your post carefully. It seems that you simply misunderstood me. I meant that no amount of money spent on me, or for me, or on some lady of the night will change my mind about this subject. There we go, perfectly clear now.



How old are you?


Boycott shampoo! Demand REAL poo!

For anybody who does not know how old I am, I’m 21 years old.


Aargh said:

So who married Adam & Eve? Would it be valid without a witness?

Sorry- should be “ARG220 said:”

Sorry, but I agree with Arg. Sex should only happen within a committed relationship.

I’m a fogey.

Actually, I admire the fact the ARG220 is sufficiently committed to his beliefs to refrain from having sex until after marriage, especially since he has managed to abstain for 21 years. (I had assumed, wrongly, from reading his posts that he was about 16.)

It has piqued my curiosity about one matter, though - ARG, what are your views on sex? Many of the people I know who have very strict views about sex outside marriage also believe that sex exists solely for the purpose of procreation. I am seriously interested in your beliefs/opinions.


[qoute]Sorry, but I agree with Arg. Sex should only happen within a committed relationship.

I’m a fogey.

As with religion, sex should be an individual choice and not something that someone forces their personal values and beliefs upon others.


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