Yes, Virginia, there is a quadricentennial

But not for another seven years.

The new (2000) Virginia quarters are already touting their quadricentennial.

(I know–who cares? Just seemed a little queer to me.)

I thought that was strange too. What are they going to do, rerelease the quarter in 2007. Will people have forgotten about the quadricentennial by the time it comes around?

The Virginia quadricentennial license plate has been out for a year or two already.

What’s the rush, Jim-bo?

I don’t know what the rush is on the license plate, but Virginia doesn’t have the option of releasing their quarter in 2007, so they have to get it in in 2000 or never.

Still waiting on finding my first…

A few days ago, a customer in my bookshop was about to hand me one, and changed her mind when she saw it. “Hm, what’s this? Think I’ll keep it.” Haven’t seen another one since, grrr. The Virginia coin is one of the best so far. (I hate the ones that are just the outline of the state and a guy or a tree or whatever superimposed on top.)

Yeah, it’s nice, but I was hoping for the surrender at Yorktown. 219 (1781-2000) is no more unwieldy than 393 (1607-2000.) Even if the coin does say 1607-2007.

I’ve seen a bazillion of the Virginia quarters. Of course, being in Virginia probably helps. (I’m pretty sure they concentrate quarter distribution in the featured state.) Being close to Philadelphia helps too.

I hadn’t noticed the Quadricentennial phrase. Cool!

I remember preparing all through 5th and 6th grade for the US Bicentennial (1975-76). We painted fire hydrants red, white, and blue; mailboxes too. Colorado issued their first multi-year license plates (up until '75, we got new plates every year). They were a RWB design rather than the standard green with mountain horizon design. (Then in 78, we got our first multi-year plates that were the standard design.)

My point: if we took two years to prepare for the bicentennial, then 7 for a quadricentennial isn’t too far off.

I feel REALLY old, now, since I lived in Charlottesville during their BI-centennial. Which make me two hundred forty…