Yes Yes Yes! I get time off!

My boss announced today that we all get some time off in the next couple weeks since we’ve been working our butts off to get a release out. Whooohoooo! Now I gotta decide what I’m going to do with it.

I could:

  • take a trip somewhere and mountain bike my ass off. I’m in Colorado, so the choices are spectacular.

  • Get in the convertable and just GO for a few days. Don’t worry about itinerary or distance. Just drive every day until I’m sick of driving then pull over into a hotel.

However, it may be that Mr. Athena will not be able to get time off, and I’m not really interested in travelling by myself (I’ve done that plenty - not into it right now). So then my choices are:

  • Hang out at home and cook my ass off. Make all those nifty things that I usually can’t because they take too much time, like Osso Buco with homemade fond de veau, that cool galatine made with pate de foie gras, chicken breasts, and pistachios I’ve been eyeing, and several different desserts.

  • Do cool mountain bike rides that are within a day of me

  • Sit on my butt and read a bunch.

'course, there’s always the option of um, just playing Everquest for 36 hours straight. Not that I’d be tempted to do such a thing. No, not me…

I have some ideas.

[li]Fly out to San Luis Obispo for the Dopefest a week from Saturday.[/li][li]Drive out to San Luis Obispo for the Dopefest a week from Saturday.[/li]Fly/drive down to Phoenix and make a roadtrip with Mauvaise, me, and possibly Scotticher (long story) to San Luis Obispo for the Dopefest a week from Saturday.

Ummmmmm… I misread the Thread title and didn’t include “time” when reading it. Needless to say this was not what I was expecting.

(slinking off feeling like a dirty old man)