Yet another "help me ID the movie" thread

Quite some time ago I was watching a Japanese science fiction movie(dubbed of course). There were Western(or at least non-Japanese) actors in it. A “good guys” culture somewhere out in space was under attack by an evil space empire. Some of them escaped in a space ship that looked like a sailing vessel, and sent out distress messages in the form of tiny golden objects about the size of a walnut. If you got one I think it meant you were “chosen” for a quest to go find and help the good guys. Various characters that “got a golden walnut” were a thrill seeking spoiled rich girl(Western), a smart guy(Japanese) , a former Space Navy officer(Western) and a roguish guy(Western) that I think, but am not sure, fell in love with the princess of the good guys under attack.

I know my description is probably way off in spots, and the whole movie sounds peculiar and definitley B-grade, but it amused me back when. That can’t be all bad can it? If someone could help ID this critter I would appreciate it. I didn’t recognize any of the Western actors.

Perhaps Message from Space?

I clicked on the link and that’s it! And the reviews are a hoot! I didn’t recognize Vic Morrow though.

You know, I have the IMDB bookmarked, but I didn’t know how to look for it there. Without a title or actor’s name I didn’t know what to do. Thanks for helping out.