Yikes! Matthew McConaughey on the Daily Show

So I’m watching last night’s Daily Show, and out comes Matt. Yikes! Even Jon Stewart had to ask if he’s OK. He’s lost 16 lbs, says he needs to lose 15 more:eek:! He’s playing a guy suffering from Aids in an upcoming flick - but I could hardly pay attention to what he was saying. I can’t imagine him at 15 lbs less!
Sorry I can’t provide a link - I’m on my iPod. Go to comedycentral.com.

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He looked like he was on death’s door. Dennis Quaid was similarly shocking on talk shows when he lost a lot of weight (and he wasn’t fat before losing it) to play the tubercular Doc Holliday in Wyatt Earp.

I’m surprised that McConaughey, who’s never been known as one of Hollywood’s best talents or method actors, would be chosen for, or accept, a role that takes that kind of self sacrifice. He must be trying to get taken more seriously now that his shirtless pretty boy days are winding down.

Thanks for providing the link.

You. Bite. Your. Tongue.
He was quite thin, but nothing will ever top 50 Cent playing a cancer patient (link shows two pics after weight loss and and the third is him at his regular weight.

I’ll see your 50 Cent and raise you Christian Bale.

Coinkadinkaly, I remember when *The Lincoln Lawyer * came out and the pictures I saw of MM made me say “when did he turn into Christian Bale?”. So maybe there’s a remake of *The Machinist * in the works (god forbid).

I can’t watch the clip now, but some of you have not seen his (not my type, but magnificent) bod in Magic Mike. He’s still quite the pretty boy, and a decent actor.

That was my first thought, too. “Really? Matthew McConaughey for a serious role in a serious movie?”

About the only other time i’ve seen that was in John Sayles’s fantastic Lone Star, and Sayles was lucky or canny enough to make sure that McConaughey got less than 5 minutes of screen time.

On the other hand, here is a recent article from the New York Times on his recent career, featuring more serious roles. And the photo that accompanies the article is amusing, in that McConaughey is shown with a noticeable paunch (presumably for his role in the movie “The Paperboy”), while Zac Efron is standing next to him, looking much fitter.

The comically silly “Whaaa??..” you just heard was me. My lord that was grotesque. And I find Bale extremely hot normally.

'tis alarming; I should have warned you. I shall conclude this hijack by recommending to anyone and everyone to watch The Mechanic.

Damn! He looks like he’s down to two bits.

Perhaps I missed something, but IMDB doesn’t have Bale listed as one of the actors in The Mechanic.

ETA: Oh, it’s The Machinist. My bad.

Super D’oh!:smack: Of course it’s The Machinist. Sorry; I are stupid.

:eek::eek::eek:AHHHH! He looks like a fuckin’ alien! WTF! I don’t know whether to laugh, stare in horror or what.

What’s even crazier is that in less than a year he had the body he was sporting in Batman Begins.

Christian Bale apparently consumed one cup of black coffee and an apple or a can of tuna each day for four months in preparation for The Machinist. He lost 60 lbs. and wanted to lose more but the filmmakers were concerned about his health. It’s a good movie and well worth watching.

And then he dropped fifty-five pounds to play a POW in Rescue Dawn, bulking up for The Dark Knight before dropping back down again for his Oscar-winning role as a slim-welterweight-turned-skinny-crackhead in The Fighter. The guy is dedicated.

I can understand dieting to lose weight, but how does a guy like Bale or 50 Cent go about losing the muscle?

I’m someone who’s attracted to very thin guys. I’ve never seen him looking better, and I can’t wait for him to drop the other 15 (he needs to lose muscle mass, not just fat).