YorkshireDope, anyone?

Please refer to the following thread, in which I seem to have (gulp!) offered to organize such an event:


Some obvious questions (feel free to add more, I don’t have much experience at this):

  1. OK, we’d better get this York-vs-Leeds thing settled first off; I can make either without much trouble, but since I’ve been to Leeds exactly twice in my life, somebody else would have to pick the venue and post directions. OTOH, I can arrange just about anything in York, including drinks at 4 a.m. if any should happen to be required.

  2. How many people would be interested in coming?

  3. Which times and dates would work best for everybody? (In my case, the only restriction is that it would have to be in the next month, but I’m assuming we’d want to go for a Friday or Saturday evening?)

BTW, I’m trying to restrict myself to one visit to the cybercafe per day, so if anybody else cares to bump the thread in the meantime, it would be much appreciated.

Hi Fretful :slight_smile:

I would love to do a Yorkshire dope.

I am free the next two weekends 21/22 and 28/29 July (I could also make the evening of 27th). So either of those are good for me. After that, I am working a couple of weekends, then I am not sure.

I could do either of Leeds or York. Leeds is easier for me to access and I know a couple of pubs there, so I could help with meeting places etc. If we do it in York, I would prolly need a place to stay cause I can’t get home at night, but if I could sort that out, I would be cool with that too.

I’ll keep popping back each night incase this needs a bump too.

Rick :slight_smile:

Ok for York, just set the time and place.

Rick – you said you were looking for very very cheap, so here’s some info on hostels. There are also more B&Bs than you can shake a stick at, but I don’t know enough about them to make recommendations.

York Backpackers (www.yorkbackpackers.co.uk) is probably the nicest of the bunch, and I’d say that even if my boyfriend didn’t work there. Dorms run about £11-12 per night. To get there, take a right turn as you leave the railway station and follow the road as it curves around toward the city center. Turn left and pass through Micklegate Bar (very big gate, you can’t miss it) and the hostel is a block and a half down Micklegate on your left. It’s a neat old building and a well-run place, and has the great advantage of a bar open until all hours.

Keep walking on Micklegate and turn right on Trinity Lane for the York Youth Hotel, which is probably slightly cheaper (they advertise dorms from £9 per night, but that may be their winter rate – caveat emptor). I haven’t stayed there, but people who have tend to give it mixed reviews.

There’s also a YHA, but it’s in Clifton, a mile or so out of the city centre. I’m not sure about pricing, but could check back if you’re interested.

I’ll get back to you about times and places once I know a bit more about my work situation, but 27/28/29 July sounds like a good target range … further thoughts, anyone?

Please replace the first question mark with £ 11-12 and the second one with £ 9 – the formatting here is a bit screwy.

Er, I mean replace the question mark with a pound sign. But I’m sure you figured that out.

Has a date been decided yet? I could probably come and represent the South.

Wow, now this is one I would love to do. I have a ton of relatives in Yorkshire.

From May 25th to June 28th, my two aunts, one uncle and 6 cousins who live here were all over there visiting. The second day in my uncle fell and cracked both heels and had to be brought back to Canada. The rest stayed and had an awesome time tho!

Wish I could be there… Enjoy!

Hi Fretful

I’m looking into a place to stay, thanks for the recommendations, I will give them a call. 27/28/29 is looking good, IMHO. All we need now is a time and a place. How does that weekend sound to you casdave and kferr?


Time and place are all I need, its fairly easy for me to get to York.

Well, I’m here all the time, so suggestions on the dates and times that would be easiest for y’all are welcome.

Regarding places, I could also use some input – are we looking for a restaurant, a pub, a pub that does food, a coffeehouse, someplace with incense and Feng Shui seminars, etc … ?

How about doing it on Sat 28th, if no one has any objections. As for where and when, mid afternoon - 3-4pm?Maybe meet in a pub and see how it goes from there. We will prolly need to get some food at some point, but I’m sure we will be able to find something to eat.


That works for me. I can get the train up on Saturday morning, no problem. I’ll just need to find a B&B, but that shouldn’t be hard.

Cool, let’s split the difference and say 3:30.

Regarding places, I think casdave has already suggested the King’s Arms, which is in an excellent location on the riverside with lots of outdoor seating. The downside, however, is that every tourist in York will be there.

As an alternate choice, I’d like to nominate the brand-spanking-new Three-Legged Mare, which has better beer and smaller crowds (so far). It’s on Petergate, between the Minster and Monk Bar.

I haven’t been able to locate a good map in my limited web-searching time, but they’re both dead easy to find in any case.

If you can get the post code of the pub, then Mapquest.co.uk can point us right to it. The post code will also help me narrow down B&Bs to the nearest ones.

So that’s 3:30 in the Three-Legged Mare then? Sounds good to me.

kferr, If you wanna let me know where you are staying, I could see about staying there or thereabouts. At least then there would be two of us to stagger back at the end of the night. We can’t both get lost…right? :smiley:

Oh yeah, and the date is 28th July :slight_smile:

I’ve sent an email to a B&B called Abbeyfields requesting a room for Saturday night. Unless I post otherwise, that’s where I’ll be. The address is 19 Boothham Terrace, YO30 7DH. I found them throught this site

Just a suggestion, but maybe once we are all together we can go visit The York Brewery. The last tour of the day starts at 5:00 pm. I visited them the last time I was in York, it’s well worth the £4.25 admission.

I am thinking of staying in the back packers place Fretful told us about, it is cheap and looks ok. If not, I will just have to stay out til an ungodly hour :smiley:

I think I have found the address of the pub if anyone wants to get themselves a map (I am certainly going to).

The address is
The Three-Legged Mare
15, High Petergate
York North Yorkshire YO1 7EN

And you can get a good map from www.streetmap.co.uk. I’ve used them before and they are really good.

Now I just have to find out whereabout this place I am staying is.

</public service announcement>