You always find the best deals at Goodwill!

Wedding Dress

I love Goodwill. Cool clothes. Cheap clothes. Suits me.

I know it’s her wedding dress-and I’d be horrified to lose mine if I ever get married someday crossing fingers-but I don’t know, was it just me, or did she come off as rather, um, shallow?

Goodwill, Value Village, St. Vincent De Paul, the big boy used stores in the area here. Picked out a whole suit for $5!
Lots of selection, but not all of it can fit my taste. Some amazing finds and deals though

Village Thrift here, lots of junk and some real gems. An entire set of Le Creuset pots for about $7. Two years ago I needed formal attire for a New Year’s Eve wedding. I found a burgundy Watters and Watters suit that seems to have been custom tailored for me, for the grand sum of $3. Oh, I love that store!

At one of our local thrifts I recently found a shredder attachment to a KitchenAid mixer for $2.99 – still in it’s original packaging and unopened. I shudder to think what that must’ve cost new! At another I found a promotional replica hockey jersey from the movie Clerks for I think $3.99. Nooch!

My advice to missing-gown-woman:
Lay off the tanning beds. You look scary and your brains have obviously been fried to a crisp. In a year and a half all your skin will turn into a leather-like material and melanomas will pop up in the most unexpected places. :eek:

You will now be returned to your regularly-scheduled thread.

With just a tiny bit of embellishment, this could easily be an article from the Onion.

This, particularly, is priceless:

Hmm. Maybe she was brainwashed by aliens.

Well, now I know why that dress cost so much. You could clothe a small army with all that material. That dress is HUGE!! Sheesh!

I heard on NPR this morning a radio or tv station is kicking in a reward, and maybe others. The reward is up to about $800 now.

What I couldn’t tell from the article is whether or not the tan woman’s wedding had taken place. If it has, she needs to get over it. And, is it just me or does anyone else think maybe the mom knew what she was doing?

I bought a clock at GW for $25. Saw it in a circular a few months later for $300. Gotta love GW!!

Spritle, who’s upset that they just closed down the GW store 2 miles from his house.

So this dress mysteriously put itself into the woman’s car and mysteriously got itself out of her car and into the Goodwill store. Don’t know bout y’all but I think that dress is hainted!:eek: Maybe even demon possessed. They should be glad it’s gone. Who needs a wedding dress that can move itself from place to place? I mean, what if in the middle of a wedding the dress gets a wild hair to wander off somewhere. Would the blushing bride suddenly find herself naked at the altar?

What in the Sam Hill is UP with that pose? “Here I am, just stretched out and taking it easy on the church steps, train stretched out behind me as I rest on my elbow and cross my ankles…” Right, I can recall lying around a lot just like that on my wedding day.

I admit I sold my gown at a cosignment shop, no sentimentalist am I. But I know some people really like to keep theirs, possibly for a future offspring’s wedding.

I figure it’s karma that the gown is gone. It was MEANT to be gone. Be thrilled to think some other bride is feeling beautiful in it, and let it go, girl. Also, revel in the fact that you don’t have to store it and move it for the next 20+ years.

I too thought the lounging on the altar pose was more than a little odd. Most good photographers will pose you in a manner that best shows off both the dress and the wearer. Perhap her money might have been better spent on a decent photographer and professional storage of that heirloom.

And the dress cost nearly a grand??? That is just fucked up. I did enjoy the particulary snippy comment about how it was originally a size 8 to be taken in a bit so only another pretty petite woman could wear it. “pretty petite”? Is that what they are calling snobby anorexic bitches nowadays?

I ain’t buying the story for a minute about what happened to the dress. Something that huge doesn’t accidently get anywhere. My bet is the mom sold the damn thing for a few bucks cause she was tired of hearing her daughter go on and on about how pretty and petite she was.

It sounds to me like it did. That’s why she was in the dress in the church for the picture. SHe also said something about ‘3 weks before the wedding in September’.

I could see why she’d be upset and make a national case out of it if the wedding was yet to take place, but it’s over. Get over it.

Anything big, washing machines, refrigerators, furniture is great to buy at a GW store. Our local GW store has been pricing them the same for years, $59.00. But I saw a nice big refrigerator this week for $49.00 (which they kept on in the store) The appliances come with a one month guarantee (I think its a two week full refund, then two more weeks store credit).

\You can buy clean, ironed suits for half or a third of what they cost to dry clean in some of the thrift shops I work.

Oh, she didn’t know what she was doing. She had no idea how it got there. Just like I have no idea how that beer got out of the fridge, opened, in my hand and down my gullet. It’s mystifying. It gets even more mystifying after it happens 2 or 3 times in a row.

Hmmm… I read too quickly and missed that part. You’re right, the wedding (with her in the dress) was over 6 months ago. This is a news story about a used wedding dress for a wedding that happened half a year ago.

Geez… why not just let the new bride enjoy her good fortune and good deal. Get on with life insted of pestering all the dry cleaners in the region.

That was an odd pose on the stairs.

Wow, did anyone else read this story and think “This is a person in a pretty dress, who unfortunately lost it and now wants it back for sentimental value, and I hope she gets it?” Good grief, this is a rough crowd. I read these posts about tanning, her pose on the stairs, for goodness sake, size 8-taken-in and whatever other mortal dress-lady sins people managed to manufacture from that article and I could swear I was in junior high again. Sheesh.

Rough crowd Huh? You don’t know the half of it. For the most part, we are friendly,loyal, upstanding citizens of the net (whatever the hell that means) but there is something about a too tan, too thin, a little too superior acting, poor little rich Mrs.Dimwit boo-hooing over the lost of her thousand dollar dresse that turns us into slobbering sniping wolves ready to tear the jugular vein of that stupid article apart. If I had a dress worth a thousand dollars you could bet that I would care for it just a little better than that. What she couldn’t afford the hundred bucks or so to have it professionally cleaned and stored?

Junior High ain’t got nothing on us. At least here if we don’t like someone they get the message loud and clear.