You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake

You are not special. You do not have any inherent worth. Statistically speaking you are unexceptional and mediocre. You are not original. You are not the biggest, smartest sexiest, fastest, most original, most creative, useful, strongest, or most interesting.

It’s not fair. You do not have a profound and undiscovered inner worth. God is not watching out for you. Everything will not be allright. You’ve been dying since the day you were born. You are a mere bacterium on a speck of dust in the universe, and the best you can hope for is ambivalence.

There are malignant forces moving against you even as we speak. The sun will burn out, a meteor may hit the earth, lightning can strike. Earthquakes, drowning, fire, famine, and toxic epoxy can you strike you down in a moment.

There are tiny living things everywhere that would like nothing better than to get inside you and make you lunch. Even now your body is fighting an inevitably losing battle against them. If they don’t get you first your very body will betray you with cancer, stroke, heart attack, or arhtritis, dementia, calcium defficiency or hypoglycemia.

Your own mind is unreliable and will also betray you with hallucinations, failed memory, cognitive lapse, senility or psychiatric illness, and you won’t even know!

Trust know one! Your underlings are jealous, and your superiors fearful. Lots of people are better off than you, but lots aren’t. You’re next in somebody’s sights as the scramble their way up as far as they can manage.

They want your stuff. They want your wife. They want your kid. They want your food, your job, your car, your hair, your watch, your office, your internal organs, your energy,m your soul, and your dirty underwear. They will stop at nothing to get it. No matter how bad you think you have it, lots ofg people have it worse and they’re all eying you jealousy.

You have only one chance! Keep moving! Stay ahead. Don’t stop. Be tougher. You can do it. Overcome. Outlast. Fight fight fight! Go down swinging! Die with your boots one. Don’t give up! Don’t complain.

Look inside. Somewhere is that animal sounding it’s joyful roar of fear and pain. Listen to it! It knows what it’s talking about. Make an alliance. Fall in love. Trust a peer. Promote common ethics that you can afford to have.

Keep moving!

Don’t look back. Never back up. They’re right behind you.
And they’re hungry!

I thought you should know.

Good morning, Mr. Sunshine!

Preach it, brother.

Scylla, I know you’re all married and everything, but I think you should know that I love you madly for having written that.

I find this beautiful. I love it. I’m going to print this out and post it in my locker. This post is speaks about everything I’ve thought of in the last 3/4 of my life. I feel… inspired. I dont think I can commend you enough on this, Scylla. I just… I love it!

That just reminds me of all the pent-up rage I have. I think I’ll go to bed before I snap in an orgy of destruction.

Other orgies are much more fun.

Wow, Scylla, I think that C.U.P. is getting to you – I’ve never thought about snowflakes in quite that way before. But still, thanks for the insight. I feel … refreshed. Amused, too. :smiley:

Daddy, I want a bedtime story! No, not Goodnight, Moon. No, not Where the Wild Things Are. I want Leviathan! Leviathan! Leviathan! Leviathan!

I’ll take the paramecium club on whole wheat, hold the mayo.

and this is no exception. I like it very much.


::stopping to get the vice grips cuz the tongue is going wayyyy into the cheek::

Pretty much shoots the rest of it in the ass…


[sub]ps, I’m taking the make it a part of your routine thing to heart- you actually have become one of my heroes- thanks…

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::nudges magdalene out of the way::

No, Daddy, I wanna hear Journey to the End of Night or The Metamorphasis!! If I don’t get a story by Celine or Kafka I’m gonna hold my breath!! :slight_smile:

Nice writing, Scylla.





continues traipsing through life on a cloud of lavender fairy dust

I disagree.

(My dad used to read us Dante and describe how we would have to carry an S on our forehead for every sin we committed when we climbed the stairs of Purgatory! :eek: )

Great Post, Scylla!!

… and thus we learn why Scylla’s budding career in the Young Americans dinner theater was cut short.

“You’ll never play the Lawrence Welk Show again, young man!”

[channelling grandmother]Aren’t you just Little Mary Sunshine? [/grandmother channelling]

I’m going to print it out and hand it to a few teenagers.

Any valedictorians out there? Sounds like a great graduation speech. :smiley:

So, other than that, how are things?

(I think somebody needs a puppy.)

A Desiderata for the 21st century …


Only Scylla could write this. All I can say is – for star’s sakes, CHEER UP!!

No, I want a story from H.P. Lovecraft’s Big Book of Bedtime Stories! What are “fanged cilia”, Daddy?

It’s a “P”, actually. God only speaks Latin, remember? :wink: