You can get them anywhere...

I just bought hamburger buns at the store and it occurred to me that this is one item I never worry about running out of, because you can find them anywhere. If it’s 4:00 a.m. and I want burger buns (or hot dog buns, for that matter) I can run down to the 24-hour convenience store and get them. I was just wondering what else seems important to you that you can buy almost anywhere, anytime. Everyone who doesn’t live in the USA is welcome to join in. I’m almost certain that burger buns aren’t on many shelves in, say, Thailand, but something else fits the description: “Nearly everybody wants this so we’ve got it”.


Toilet paper.

Diet Cola. Don’t care if it’s Coke or Pepsi, as long as I get it.

Children’s ibuprofen.

Condoms, cigarettes, and rolling papers.

Not that I ever buy rolling papers.

Lottery tickets.

You certainly **can’t ** buy lottery tickets 24/7 here in Australia. Nor can you purchase take-away booze…although there is always a bar open for immediate consumption if you are desperate.

But anything else, from aspirin to zucchinis, you can get at any time you fancy.

A load for your cell phone, the Philippines is the texting capital of the world, and you can buy a prepaid load for your cell phone almost anywhere.
Oh… and rice :slight_smile:

Something made by Chef Boy-ar-dee. Generally Spaghetti-O’s, but often Raviolis, and occasionally Beef-a-Roni.

There isn’t a gas station within 100 miles of me that doesn’t carry Chez Nuke Pasta. I’m sure of it.

Slim Jims. Those greasy, salty, not-so-sure-they’re-made-from-meat cylinders of fat.

Mmmm, Slim Jims…