You had SEX in my car??

I went out to dinner tonight with my parents, brother, and brother’s fiance. Somehow, because my boyfriend who lives in another state is coming to visit me in a couple of weeks, the subject drifted to what the sleeping arrangements will be and we got on the topic of having sex in cars. My mother’s best friend’s daughter and son admitted to having sex in their mother’s minivan several times, so my brother and I swore up and down to our parents that we have NEVER had sex in their cars. But then, my brother turns to me and says “But Fiance and I had sex in your car when we were eighteen. In your Storm.” They’re 25 and 26 now and still together, so I’m not preaching against teenage sex…just the following:

Okay…EW! I do NOT need to know these things! First of all, I don’t even WANT to know how you managed to have sex in the back of a GEO Storm when there’s barely even enough room to move your arms with more than one person in the back seat, but I had great memories of that little car! Holy shit, now all of my memories will be tainted by the thought of my baby brother having sex in it! That is NOT a visual I need!

And why is there a double standard for daughters and sons? God forbid I even mention having a sex life around my father, yet my brother can make all sorts of lewd comments (yes, I find them funny, but that’s beside the point) and my dad laughs his fucking ass off. My mother tells me not to discuss my sex life in front of my father, yet my brother is able to go on and on about exactly where he’s had sex in front of everyone? I mean, hell, my family is pretty open with each other and we all get along fairly well most of the time, but God forbid their oldest child admit to having sex simply because she’s a girl. :rolleyes:

I think just to get them back, I’m going to borrow my brother’s Celica next week and take my parents’ minivan and have sex in both of them.


It’s probably because your Daddy’s little girl, and he’s the person your father is training to be a man. Men have sex, little girls don’t.

You talk about your sex life with your parents? Wow. I think my parents suspect that I’ve had sex at least once, but I’ve certainly never discussed it with them. Boy, different families are sure different, eh?

And I’m very imressed that anyone managed to have sex in a Geo Storm. Is your brother a midget or a contortionist or both?

Well, I talk about my sex life in front of them just to make them uncomfortable. It’s kind of fun, actually. I like to watch my dad squirm and that’s about the only way to do it. Try it once or twice and it’s kind of a rush.

And my brother is almost 6 feet tall…short of bending himself in half, I have no idea how he managed sex in a Storm.


I had sex in the back of a Honda Civic once. It was a little cramped, but you can’t be too picky when you’re a horny young couple who still live with your parents.

Er, different parents, of course. I was desperate, but not that desperate.:smiley:

I’m sure you’ve discussed the Bean Sprout with your parents.

I had sex in a Mazda 323. Once. It was uncomfortable, to say the least.

Yeah, I’m temporarily living with my parents before starting grad school in the fall, so I’m trying to figure out creative ways to have sex when my boyfriend is here next week. We’re going to a hotel one night under the guise of visiting friends, but for the first two nights, we’re gonna be shit out of luck. There will be car sex, I’m pretty sure about it. If I could do it in my brother’s and parents’ cars, the revenge will be sweet.


Well, in high school my sister had sex IN MY BED! And didn’t change the sheets! EEEEEEWWWWW!

Why she felt the need to do this, when her own bed was about 15 feet away in the next room, I have no idea. She never did have very good judgement, especially where sex was concerned.

I can’t even imagine talking about sex with either of my parents. Creepy creepy creepy.

Oh, and I’d never have sex in someone else’s car without permission.

Was it you that did the pushin’.
left the stains upon the cushion,
footprints on the dashboard upside down?
Was it you you sly woodpecker,
who got into my daughter Rebecca?
If it was you, you better be leaving town.


Yes ‘twas I that did the pushin’.
left the stains upon the cushion,
footprints on the dashboard upside down.
But since I got into your daughter,
I’ve had trouble passing water,
So I guess we’re even all around.

-John Valby

I Can’t believe I still know that song from high school!

Unless you left out some of his remark, I don’t see that he claimed to have been in the back seat. Did the passenger seat recline all the way? Is his fiance small enough to fit on his lap (say, spoon fashion) in the passenger seat? (And, of course, “sex” is not limited to copulation.)

I’m just trying to be helpful, here.

My daughter is 23. While I’ve discussed sex in general terms with her, she DOES NOT want to hear the intimate details of my sex life. We were talking about a book one day, in which the subject came up.

The most that I’ve shared with her was that yes, indeed, I DID have sex with her daddy before we were married. She says that she kind of figured that, given the era and all. But she doesn’t want to know any more about it. She was quite definite about this.

I embarrassed her quite a lot when she was in her teens, because I had her practice putting a condom on a broom handle. I also bought her a few boxes of condoms, and told her that if she didn’t want to use them, she could give them to her friends. I told her that I would keep her supplied in condoms, no questions asked. Now that she’s an adult, I expect her to provide for her own birth control/disease prevention.

Ewww. I find that majorly disrespectful.

I was sexually active during four years of living with my parents, and I found many places for the act to take place, but never resorted to someone else’s bed or car. That’s just plain wrong, and unfair to the owner of the bed or car.

Fullsize Jeep Cherokee. The back seat folds down. :smiley:

One point for pro-SUVs! :wink:

No, no, WITH your car. Sorry, i’ll buy it gas first next time…

I managed sex in the front seat of a Festiva once. Wasn’t too eager to give it a second go.

Oh this brings on a story. My hubby had let his brother borrow his car. Said he was going out of state. Yeah right. Few days later I’m in the passenger seat when I notice footprints on the windshield inside. I would have been pissed at hubby had I not known his brother was having an affair and put 2 and 2 together.

I was livid. You are going to fuck in our car and not even have the decency to wipe your feet from the glass? To top it off he left his dirty underwear in the trunk. What an asswipe. I get fired up everytime I think about it. :mad:

i let my sister sleep with her (now ex) boyfriend in my bed when they came to visit.

but then i sort of returned the favour…

are we weird?

my parents reserve any talk of sex to " are you being careful" and “he’s sleeping on the couch”

you slept with her ex in her bed?

Front seat of a Dodge Colt.

And it only had AM radio, too. Damn.