You-hoo, living_in_hell! Over here!

Y’know, my dear little troll, I probably shouldn’t be doing this since it’s only feeding your “PAY ATTENTION TO ME, DAMN YOU!!!” complex. Still, in your [del]pay attention to my tantalizing little problems I’ll tease you with bits of but not give any details unless you ask. Why aren’t you asking!!![/del] mini-rants thread you were contemplating pitting yourself so the “mean girls” of the Dope could open up a can o’ whoopass on you.

Here you go, I’ll make a nice little thread for you and save your poor little thumbs the trouble of typing it out on your phone.

Since outright insults and name calling (i.e. referring to Cat Whisperer as Loud Pussy) didn’t work, and starting threads/ posting obsessively in every damn thread didn’t work, and the high and mighty priggish schtick didn’t work, we now come to the time honored technique of mod baiting.

Which is why you created an ATMB thread today about her calling you a twat back on May 3. Funny how those insults have a one-week delay. I mean, did you make a bet that you’ll be banned by May 11 and it was time to up the ante or something?

After that thread was closed the discussion continues here.

Quasimodem, who suffers from early-onset Alzheimers incidentally, appeals for calm with this in post 10:

To which the proper response was apparently to search out his meltdown post and throw it right back in his face with added formatting to show the incandescence of your wrath, or the degree of your PMS or something like that.

Classy, chiquita. Real classy. Permit me to do the same to you, since turnabout is fair play.

Hang your head and just walk out of here, because you are totally useless to any of us.

It’s obvious that this isn’t a good board for you, and in your mission to make every freaking member of said board aware of the fact that you disapprove of the culture, the content, the rules, and the moderation, you’re making it a not good board for the rest of us.


Oh, and since we’re in the pit and I can call you a twat here, you’re a twat.

Not only that, but the twatness is rubbing off. Drunky Smurf and I just got into it over this nimrod, and I don’t recall ever having an issue with DS before.

The stupid is contagious!

It makes me wonder, if she’s so new, how she knew what post Quasi was referring to and where to find it. She must have searched through lots of back posts to find that one, among all of Quasi’s posts.

Maybe she’s just that good.

She’s classy, this one.

Well there’s a graphic visual for you, a giant bloody red twat. Where’s the Grapist when you need him?

Meh, if you do a search on “Twickster” in ATMB without any other filters, Quasi’s thread (Jesus, Twickster!) is midway down the second page.

If you limited the search to titles only, I can only assume it’d be a first-page result. If you searched for posts by Quasi about Twickster in ATMB, it’d be one of the only results.

So the jury could go either way on this one. But the rest of the points are cromulent for sure.

Darn, I thought I was being so clever…

No opinions on the rest of the issues, but seriously, dragging **Quasi **into this in ATMB (WTF with the freaking red text?!) was totally low and absolutely unnecessary.

Twicks isn’t going to apologise, you’re beating a dead horse anyway, and I don’t know what you thought you would accomplish by dragging poor Quasi into this, but your flippant shrugging it off (one would almost say your ironic lack of apology was appropos for the thread in question) aren’t making you any more of a sympathetic character.

shun shuuunnnnnnnnnnnn

You’re still clever :slight_smile: As I said in the politer thread, there was no need to repost his whole rant. If she really felt confused about why he was defending Twickster after apparently having his own problems with her, she could have just mentioned the post and asked the question. It would still be bringing it up, but with less of the nose-rubbing aura around it.

She can’t claim though that she didn’t know that Quasi had Alzheimers – I believe it was even mentioned in the thread?

Nice to see an old-school pitting. Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

It is possible - admittedly not very plausible - but it is certainly possible that she latched onto Quasi’s OP and didn’t read any of the rest of the thread, just went “Here is something from someone who is defending Twickster that supports my own theories!”. I haven’t noticed her intersecting with Quasi much in other parts of the board and* if she honestly is a new poster *then it’s not unfeasible that she isn’t aware that Quasi has issues.

Note* Posted as a poster.

Amen, brother.

Sorry, this was done much better back when somebody called jarbabyj a cunt.

I know, but that’s a no-no word these days.

FTR, I do want to acknowledge that LiH did apologise in the ATMB thread for using Quasi’s post for ammunition, and I respect that, and think it is a step in the right direction.

Everything else about my post here stands regardless.

Phooey. It’s easy to show remorse when a whole passle of angry dopers is lining up to let you know it was a dick move.

Holy shit, there’s a name I haven’t seen in a long time.

Then, too. That’s why it was special.

Duck Duck Goose. Yep, that was the mother of all trainwrecks.

That’s a nasty word. :wink:

Suddenly I want to go back and look for JerseyDiamond and **JoeCool **threads, too.

And Vanilla!