You just KNOW it's gonna be a shitty week when......

From a local newspaper in Upstate New York ( slightly sanitized ) :

( Full cite with names, addresses, etc. )

:eek: :eek: :eek:

You’re asleep. There’s a terrible crashing sound.

Now you have no place to live. Me, I’d be scared to go to sleep again. The photo shows the car had crashed into the corner of the house, but the foundation was just above ground level at the point of impact. I’m guessing the load-bearing walls and foundation were cracked.

Sucks to be that homeowner, since I’m guessing homeowner’s insurance will want to subrogate to the driver’s insurance- and he was DUI.


(Hoping like hell the driver and homeowner were insured!)
Sub they will, but actually this could be a very good thing for the homeowner. He gets a new house! Apart from the headaches involved with temporarily relocating (much of that expense is likely covered by insurance as well) he’s gonna lose his deductible and what’s that? $500? $1,00? Peanuts. And he may get that back if his insurance company can successfully collect from the driver. Wonder if he was thinking state minimum liability was a good idea?

There’s something about Monday mornings. I woke one Monday last year and learned from the news that at 3 AM the trolley had plowed head-on into a house on the corner of the block where I used to live. The person living in the corner apartment wasn’t home at the time, IIRC, so at least he was spared the shock of seeing the streetcar trying to climb through the window.

Luckily the building wasn’t condemned, and before the day was over SEPTA had agreed to repair all the damage. Since some recent rains had caused the street and tracks to sag, the driver escaped blame.

Spare a thought for this chaps week.

Oh shit man. Imagine? " The artwork and fine attention to detail can be seen clearly, even through the layers of epoxy used during that rather unpleasant incident of last January."


I’m always afraid that kind of thing will happen to me at a museum. :eek: