You just pried something out of your belly button...


Not sure. But I’m still pulling it out…

My asshole. I think I dug too far.

A sexy boy.

A warning label (telling me to not over-inflate), and a weird valve I can not figure out.

This is where my username came from :slight_smile:

Same thing happened to me once. Dang.

The city of Budapest.

A classified document purporting that “Wilson” on Home Improvement, is really Cecil Adams!

You don’t want to know.

How’d that end up?, if you mind my asking.

Indeed. We must know…

Cue Chuck Berry: My Ding-A-Ling

My bellybutton is too shallow to hide anything interesting.
One time I caught my son digging in his bellybutton, then smelling his finger. I asked him what it smelled like. After he recovered from the embarrassment, he said “nothing”. I said, “I bet it smells like poop.” He said, “nu-ugh, it smells like cheese.” :smiley:

You’ll have to tune in tonight for the exciting conclusion, after I get back from work and seeing the doctor.

I’ll let you know, as soon as I remember where I left my belly-button…

The remote control for my stereo.


Hey, didja hear about the politically-incorrect stereotypically stupid person that thought “asphalt” was a birth defect?

Myself, I pulled out Mary-Kate Olsen. I’ve no idea how she got in there, but I’m currently in the process of forgiving her for not putting out a 2006 calendar for my bedroom door.

In a hot tub filled with green jello.

…with marshmallows.