You keep using that word. I do not think "abstinence" means what you think it means

Bristol Palin is pregnant again, after being a spokesperson for abstinence.

In her defense, I think the organization was focused on teen pregnancy, not mid-20s pregnancy. I’m sure that makes all the difference.

That just makes my hackles bristol.

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer, more hypocritical family.

Interesting that she hasn’t named the father. She cancelled her wedding to a Marine veteran last month.

Probably got knocked up by a moose. That’s why they called off the wedding.

Maybe God should stop wandering off.

I think the trick is to keep your knees together.

The trick is to use some damned birth control.

…after having already served her country…? :wink:


But that would mean she planned to have sex.

Good Christian girls don’t do such things. They have a “lapse of faith” instead.

I never was much of a Christian. :smiley:

Considering that Fox has gotten rid of Mama Hockey Bear, I think her request for privacy will be granted very soon. Unless of course, one of the Palin clan stands on the corner, or on the web, screaming as loudly as possible, “Leave us alone! We want our privacy!” not realizing that most people don’t want to pay attention to them anyway.

Trailer trash continues to act like trailer trash, despite having one of them see-ment ponds in the back yard; my lack of surprise knows no bounds.

Maybe nobody explained it clearly enough.

The lapse of faith also explains why the month of praying afterwards didn’t work.

She’s serving the cause. You have to admit the argument “Practice abstinence. Do you want to end up just like Bristol Palin?” is surprisingly persuasive.

Well, I don’t know…she made $262,500 off of her Teen Pregnancy Prevention non-profit. That’s some pretty good scratch for an unwed mother with no real job.


Maybe she should get God one of those kiddie leashes but, you know, God-sized.

I’m a little annoyed, since she said she doesn’t want lectures, but she’s definitely lectured other people in her position.

But I’m also a little sad for her. Her announcement sounds so sad:

This sounds like someone talking about a drug addiction or how they are about to go to jail or something, not like a baby coming into the world. I know a lot of people have unplanned babies and it can still be happy news. Or maybe not even super happy news, but something you can go along with. But just the way that this was written makes it sound like terrible news for her.

Like I wish Palin and other conservatives could see that pro-choice people aren’t anti-kids or anti-babies, it’s just that we want all babies to be wanted. And that even if you don’t ever want to have an abortion, it’s okay to have birth control and plan things out better.

It is. Maybe this will derail the gravy train she was on.

It’s possible that’s the case. But it’s possible she could stay on there, or find some other gravy train job.

But the tone didn’t read to me as sad because she could lose her money stream. It read as sad because of the pregnancy. This blog post summed it up better than I could: