You know you need to get layed when...

You’re sitting in front of your computer at 3AM sunday morning

You’re watching porn, and, when done masturbating, leave it on to “see what happens.”

You’ve already read everything on Literotica.

When no porn is available, you fantasize about watching porn

You post to the SDMB about how much you need to get layed.

Shouldn’t it be ‘laid’?

Reading that makes me feel like I need a shower…

Well, I’m in front of my computer at midnight on a Saturday, but I’ve never fantasized about just watching porn. Only freaks do that. :slight_smile:

The first layer comes off.

And friedo, wash your hands before you type.

  • Watermelons at the supermarket start giving you “come hither” looks.

  • You can’t speel very wel.


Hey, friedo, what’s your favorite story/category on Literotica?

… you are convinced that your roomate’s stuffed animals want to be more than “just friends”.

…you start fondling lumps of dough at work :o

Hey, beth, my favorite categories are Erotic Couplings and Lesbian Sex.

I’d tell you what my favorite stories are, but then I’d start blushing.

You’re watching the Simpsons, and Marge is looking pretty good! :slight_smile:

You lean against the washing machine while it’s in the “spin” cycle… and stay for a while!

You notice that the bottle of hand lotion your fiancee left on your desk is giving you that “come hither” look…

When you read this title thread four times before you know what the hell it’s referring to.

And you’re desperate to get laid when you begin to thing Lisa a little hottie.

You start thinking those ranchers in Wyoming have got it made…

…you read a post online by somebody you don’t even know about his being horny and start wondering if he lives close enough to come by this afternoon…

you’re walking bent over to the left because your right side is so much bigger than your left.
If I didn’t correct for it, I couldn’t make it down a 12 foot hall w/o running into the wall…

March 3. I’ll be fine. :smiley:

for the OP, you know, in hours, how long you have to wait to see your SO…but you add one for the real countdown.

…you leave your personal sex toys out by your favorite chair, and you’re so used to having them there, you forget to put them away when company arrives. :o

Dude! I love literotica!

…When masturbation has lost it’s fun.