You Know You're Pathetic When...

You stay up all night to watch Blossom re-runs and get depressed over not being able to study meteorology.

It’s true - I’m pathetic.

Add your own woes here.

I watch Buffy every day, and twice on Saturdays. No, just kidding, I only watch it once on Saturday. I’ve started to dream about the Buffyverse. Anyone want to top that for patheticness? (Oh, I should mention that I’m 35 years old, so you understand just how pathetic this is.)

The dirtball you’re dating tells you he’s not good enough for you, and you try to argue him out of it.

Last time I ever do that.

I’ve never sat an episode of Buffy through. I got bored in the first ten minutes (I cannot watch TV without losing all interest by the first commercial break) and went to my room to play the various Sim games. I am the enlightened despot of pathetic.

  • You are going to be a senior in high school next year and you’ll still be begging your parents for rides.
  • You are in a dead end job because of your location and the job options.
  • You’re allowed to talk on the phone to your gf for 10 minutes twice a week, maybe see her 20 min a day in school
  • You have to plan your schedule around your freshman sister’s sports schedule and you have to wait for her to finish practices and games if you want a ride home (sometimes as late as 9pm)
  • You’re broke
  • Your friends (and your gf) live 40 miles away near your school
  • You go to a school where the average income is three times that of your family, so you can only watch as everyone around you is given a new car on their 16th birthday.
  • You’ll have a license but no car.
  • If you kept your current job you might be able to afford a car by mid 2006 (and that’s a junker), but then again there’s college, not getting any help paying for that so it’s student loans and cleaning tables for the next four years.
    -you’re ranting to a bunch of people online because there’s nobody else to listen.
  • And now I’m a threadkiller,

Please don’t respond to this, i’m just ranting.

Don’t worry clayton, I know I’m pathetic when:

I start a thread and only 4 people reply to it.

I’ve never bothered to upgrade my 15 year old answering machine because the only messages are the hang-ups left behind by computer generated telemarketer calls.

And I still get excited when I come home to see the little light blinking!

Same here - at least I’m not the only one.

I think I should change my name to Eleanor Rigby. Now wouldn’t that cause some confusion! :smiley:

Hell, I’m in my second year of University and I still beg. Pathetic? Maybe. But guess who gets to sleep in an extra hour? :smiley: